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September 30, 2008



atvs, beer, hillbillys and political discourse!


NASA Exploration Experience at Great Lakes Aquarium

NASA traveling exhibit.JPG

Oct. 7th-9th: “Out Of This World” Outreach
FREE Outreach by NASA Educator Available to Local Schools

Grade Level: 6-12
Times: First Come First Serve
Contact Sarah Erickson at 218-740-2007 for more information and registration.

Oct. 9th
Voices of the Lake Speaker Series

“Returning to the Moon: Come Explore with NASA”
By: Victoria Friedensen, Program Executive for NASA
Great Lakes Aquarium Lobby—6:30-7:30 p.m.
GLA Members: Free; General Public: $3
Contact Sara Kubarek at 218-740-2013 or [email protected] for more information.

Oct. 10th-12th
NASA Exploration Experience Exhibit

Open to Public
Find out what it will be like to live and work on other worlds! Explore the surface of the moon, control space vehicles, and touch a moon rock!
10:00-6:00 p.m. (5 pm Closing on Friday)
Exhibit: Free; Parking: $4

“A Closer Look at Astronaut Training” Inner Spaces vs. Outer Space Explorations
11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Daily
Regular GLA Admission Fees Apply

For More Information Please Contact Sarah Erickson at
218-740-2007 or [email protected]

Help Veggie PDDers!!!

I am having a friend for dinner. She is a vegetarian (not vegan). I want to make a meal for her that will impress her palate. Gardenburgers, I believe, do not qualify!

What are some of your favorite meals, and where can I find a recipe?

Audacity or Garage Band whiz?


I have a simple project to edit in either Garage Band or Audacity - and I've been flailing at it. Would someone who knows how to cut & paste so I can pull sound bites out of an interview be willing to spend an hour at a coffee shop with me? You get $20 plus coffee. I get my life and a bit of dignity back.

Lucie (at) twowordy.com

Thank you kindly.

September 29, 2008

Rubber Chicken Theater presents: BUSHED

Tickets on Sale now for Sutter & Hart's original Poetical, Political, Partly Musical Tragicomedy


Rubber Chicken Theater presents Bushed: A Poetical, Political, Partly Musical Tragicomedy in Two Acts, written by the first Poet Laureate of Duluth, Barton Sutter. Bushed is written in verse and includes original music and arrangements by Marya Hart, a two-time Minnesota Music Award winner. It is funny, edgy, sad and it rhymes, just like the last 8 years of George W. Bush.

WHEN: October 2-4, 9-11 and 16-18 at 7pm

WHERE: Harbor City International School Theater, 332 West Michigan Street, downtown Duluth

TICKETS: $20 adults, $15 students and seniors $2.00 discount for union members with valid union card

RESERVATIONS and INFO: (218) 213-2780, [email protected] or www.RubberChickenTheater.com

The play features Chris Nollet as George W. Bush, Cheri Tesarek as Dick Cheney, John Munson as Colin Powell, Susan Larson as Condoleeza Rice, Betsy Gregg as Laura Bush, Taylor Martin-Romme as Alberto Gonzales and George H. W. Bush, and Ric Stevens as John Ashcroft. The seven actors also portray American Citizens, who act as a Greek Chorus throughout the play, commenting on the action and the characters onstage.

Bushed contains adult language and situations.

Bushed is being sponsored by the Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body, the Duluth Building and Construction Trades Council, the Minnesota AFL-CIO, Hell's Kitchen, Northern Lights Books and Gifts, and Francis and Jocelyn Heid.

Security Jewelers to auction signed Maria Sharapova Tennis Racquet to benefit Duluth East Tennis program

We are auctioning a Prince Tennis Racquet signed by three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova.
This is the same racquet Maria actually plays with. The racquet and signature are 100% new and genuine.
100% of the proceeds will go to the Duluth East tennis program.
Here is a link to the auction.
You can also get to the off www.securityjewelers.com.
Thanks for your time.Please pass this on to your tennis loving friends.

pissy pundits

faux news crybabies whining on about fairness in v.p. debate.

Renegade Announces Improv Auditions!

Renegade Logo for pdd.jpg

Renegade Comedy Theatre proudly announces auditions for their Improv Teams! In 2009, Renegade will be offering live comedy every Friday night. We're looking for smart, funny performers who want to spend their Friday nights making people laugh - while getting PAID! That's right, we said PAID!

Auditions will be held on Friday, October 3rd at 7pm at the Peasant Works Porch above Hell's Kitchen in Canal Park, 310 Lake Ave S. Call 218-722-6775 to schedule your audition.

Our goal is to form a team that will all rehearse together so that anyone can play on any given Friday night. We'll have 3 styles - games, long form, and headlines (news & politics.) The styles will rotate every Friday, and anyone can sign up to play on any Friday night that they're available. This means that performers will not have to perform every Friday - if you have a conflict, then you dont have to sign up for that evening.

Your Urgent Help Needed

Dear American:

I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude.

I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My country has had crisis that has caused the need for large transfer of funds of 700 billion dollars US. If you would assist me in this transfer, it would be most profitable to you.

I am working with Mr. Phil Gram, lobbyist for UBS, who will be my
replacement as Ministry of the Treasury in January. As a Senator, you may know him as the leader of the American banking deregulation movement in the 1990s.

This transaction is 100% safe. This is a matter of great urgency. We need a blank check. We need the funds as quickly as possible. We cannot directly transfer these funds in the names of our close friends because we are constantly under surveillance. My family lawyer advised me that I should look for a reliable and trustworthy person who will act as a next of kin so the funds can be transferred.

Please reply with all of your bank account, IRA and college fund account
numbers and those of your children and grandchildren to [email protected] so that we may transfer your commission for this transaction. After I receive that information, I will respond with detailed information about safeguards that will be used to protect the funds.

Yours Faithfully Minister of Treasury Paulson


Sarah Palin will drop out of the race before Thursdays debate. I hope she doesn't because it will be good TV.

September 28, 2008

Perfect Superior Day


Here's some scenes from Nonchalant Jaunt VI, the sixth-greatest jaunt ever!

nonchajaunt01.jpg nonchajaunt02.jpg

nonchajaunt04.jpg nonchajaunt12.jpg

nonchajaunt06.jpg nonchajaunt07.jpg

nonchajaunt08.jpg nonchajaunt09.jpg

nonchajaunt10.jpg nonchajaunt11.jpg nonchajaunt05.jpg

nonchajaunt13.jpg nonchajaunt17.jpg

nonchajaunt14.jpg nonchajaunt15.jpg nonchajaunt19.jpg

nonchajaunt18.jpg nonchajaunt20.jpg

September 27, 2008

Sunset on Superior Bay


Had to share this purply goodness.

1925 - 2008


September 26, 2008

More Sucky Media

Recently all the AM radio stations got shook up again, dropping the Jim Bohannon show during the night shift just as I was getting into it. Anyways, tonight I was scanning the AM stations, and the high school football games at Public Schools Stadium were on TWO radio channels, with TWO different radio crews! I don’t get it. I have a hard time believing there’s THAT much advertising revenue to support this. I mean, most of the people who are interested in the games probably go to the games. How do you even choose? Is Mark Fleischer that much better than whoever is on the other channel, or vice-versa? Weird. Stupid.

What's that, up in the sky?

Be careful out there, folks. Lord help us if Lakitu shows up!

Tugboat Children's Theatre Presents...

3 Pigs Poster jpeg.jpg

Written by Duluth native, Robert Kauzlaric, this long-suppressed account of the Big Bad Wolf is finally brought to light - featuring a rockabilly score!

The audience is the jury, deciding the wolf's fate at the end of the play with alternate endings. Parents and children will both delight in this exploration of who really is to blame.

Sept. 27, 28 & Oct. 4, 5. Two shows daily at 1pm & 3pm.

Call (218) 336-1414 for tickets or visit www.renegadecomedytheatre.com for more info.

Fun at the Main Club Saturday

if you haven't checked this band out yet you must. it's an accordian band and you can get up on stage and sing with them! they even provide the lyrics! it's live karaoke. be there or be square......

September 25, 2008

Nonchalant Jaunt VI - The Details


Saturday, Sept. 27

Meet at the end of Wisconsin Point at 10 a.m. We will spend the day walking to Connor's Point. Unpredictable wacky fun will take place.

Transportation from Connor's Point back to abandoned cars on Wisconsin Point provided by The Vandura.

This previous post sort of explains. Either you get it or you don't, I guess.

Where's the color, already?

It's been officially fall for a few days now and I'm not seeing enough color! Global warming? Indian Summer? Republican conspiracy?

For the many who care ...

Here is the official Tangier 57 color palette for tomorrow night's gig @ Carmody. We start at 9:30pm by providing soundtrack and sound effects for the televised debate...providing there is a debate. Join us as we welcome back our brother Rain Clave.

Live Birth

The Duluth production of Karen Brody's play Birth, directed by Emily Parr, is this weekend at the new Harbor City International School theater. Hailed as "the Vagina Monologues of birth," the documentary-style play illuminates the rocky state of maternity care through the stories of eight real women.

Brody wrote the play and launched the BOLD (Birth on Labor Day) movement to raise awareness and improve childbirth choices. Birth is performed in more than 100 cities during the month of September.

Duluth's BOLD campaign also includes a Red Tent Event (a public gathering of women sharing their birth stories) and tonight's invitation-only performance of the play for the medical community. A talkback session follows each performance.

Proceeds from the Duluth production will benefit local non-profit organization Birthing Ways - Doula Connection. Performances are this Friday at 7 p.m., Saturday at 7 p.m., and Sunday at 1 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance at http://boldduluth2008.eventbrite.com and more information can be found at www.birthingways.org.

September 24, 2008

Employment Opportunity

Lake County DAC, a service provider for adults with developmental disabilities, is seeking a hardworking and dependable individual to hire full time as a program assistant. Experience in human service field desired but not required. Valid driver's license and ability to lift in excess of 50 pounds preferred. Paid training, competitive wage and benefits. Call 834-5767 for more information and/or where to apply.

Take some music lessons


Kyle Sitter started a new business above Security Jewelers in the skyway, Musicality offers lessons Guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, mandolin, voice instruction. Now available: wind instrument lessons by Mr. Matt Livingston. The shop is open seven days a week including "Practical Guitar" lessons with Jamie Ness, tuesday afternoons. The cost is 15 dollars for 30 minutes a week.

write [email protected]
or call 218 491- 7036

Where to get Obama yard sign?

I tried to get an Obama yard sign at the office on Superior Street and was told that they haven't had any since the convention I signed up to be called when they come in). I tried on line and found that they can be purchased for $8 but that it costs $8.77 for shipping. Does anybody have an idea where I can get an Obama sign in Duluth? The McCain signs are popping up like mushrooms and it would be nice to counteract this.

September 23, 2008


First Avenue and Rose present THE BLACK CROWES
Wednesday, December 10
Mainroom - 7:30 pm


This song will make you happy.


Whenever I get down about America and the election and the economy I listen to this song and I feel a sense of optimism. I don't have permission to share this song but I don't think Coco Tea would mind.

Comedy Show at JT's Saturday


Sunday afternoon events: Finnish poetry or Haitian music

There are two great events going on Sunday, September 28, from 3-5 pm. At Weber Hall, on the UMD campus, Duluth's second poet laureate, Jim Johnson, will be inaugurated, after which he will read from his poems and his family will perform traditional Finnish music to accompany his poetry. Johnson, the author of five books of poems, will be Duluth's poet laureate for two years. He follows in the footsteps of Barton Sutter. THis event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The second event is the Haiti Worthy Cause Concert. It's going to be held at Chester Park United Methodist Church, 819 N. 18th Ave East. There will be a concert of live Haitian music with guest violinist Rudy Perrault and storytelling by Elizabeth Nordell. There's going to be a reception with Haitian food and a silent auction of art, musical instruments, and other very cool items. This event is a fundraiser for the Kako Foundation, which provides funding for underprivileged students to study music. The Kako Foundation was founded by Rudy Perrault in honor of his nephew, Kako, who was brutally murdered in Haiti last spring. He was 16 years old.
For more information about the Jim Johnson reading, contact the Lake Superior Writers, 724-3094.
For more information about the Haiti Worthy Cause Concert, call Chester Park United Methodist Church, 724-4969


Looking to do a triathlon next summer. I have heard that the Burrito Union and the Brewhouse both have one. Has anyone done either? Can you recommend one? This will be my first. Just did the North Shore Inline Marathon, but I would like to try something different.

You're never too old

Whenever my car is getting repaired, I wander over to a nearby coffee shop to spend a couple hours doing crosswords, reading, etc. - sort of a forced relaxation time.

Today, while I was there, an elderly couple - I'm guessing mid-80s, if not a bit older - ambled in, sort of hunched over. They placed their order and sat at the table behind me.

I couldn't help but overhear their conversation - they were a really sweet couple, talking about the pancakes they had ordered ("they're not very big, but you do get three of them"), gardening, the rain, the newspaper (something about a baseball story), the pancakes again. They made each other laugh, and talked to each other with palpable affection after who knows how many decades of marriage.

Then, after about 15 minutes, the mid-80s-or-older wife said to her mid-80s-or-older husband, "did you read that e-mail from so-and-so?" To which the husband replied that he had indeed checked the e-mail earlier in the morning.

I thought that was so cool.

Attn: alternative transportation geeks!


Greencyclers, a NEW local energy cooperative, presents a screening (we have a projector!) of
"Who Killed the Electric Car?"
TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 7
at Bohemia Arts, 22 N 1st Ave W
Admission is FREE, with or without your used cooking oil donation.

September 22, 2008

Local boy MAKES good ...

TimRed.jpg ... er electronic thingies that is. Check out the latest edition of MAKE Magazine..featuring a 5 page spread on PDD's own Tim Kaiser. He's probably either to modest to mention it himself OR he doesn't want you to bug him for Duran Duran's email address .... PAUL, this mean YOU! .... so anyway, I just got mine in the mail and waited for Tim to mention it, since he didn't, I will...congrats Tim!

3 Hour Tour


Tangier 57 humbly begs the honor of your presence as we take a three hour tour at Carmody Irish Pub this Friday evening. We cast off at 9:30 and play until we find ourselves striking ground on an uncharted desert isle. Come dressed as your inner castaway for a special prize from T57. Friday, 26th

September 20, 2008

Update NYC Baby Soda Jazz Band


Last night the Baby Soda Jazz Band put the audience on their feet demanding an encore at the close of their Stillwater Concert and their new CD "Baby Soda Cures Everything But the Blues," sold out. Tonight they head up a hot evening of dancing at the Klub Haus in St. Paul, MN before heading up to Weber and Venue at Mohaupt on Sunday. Don't Miss these guys, folks! They are incredible!
McKnight jazz accordionist, Patrick Harison, heads up this eclectic group of world class jazz musicians from the Big Apple. The style is "street jazz" with influence that range from New Orleans brass bands and southern gospel to hot jazz and jug bands. Concert 7PM Sunday at Weber. Post concert, the party continues with a swing dance at Venue at Mohaupt. Tickets and info at www.babysoda.org or 651-351-9180.

September 19, 2008


Talk Like a Pirate Day!

no arts and entertainment reporter for you!


See the story Andy Greder wrote today about layoffs at the Duluth News Tribune. Which doesn't name most of the laid-off, including me. I don't know why. There's been a persistent aura of secrecy and "security" around all the layoffs, which perplexes me. Something about some alien North Dakota ideology?

As of yesterday, no more arts and entertainment reporter on the News Tribune. On the same day Andrea Buck (managing editor), Karen Kiekow (best damn page designer I've ever worked with), Bente on the copy desk, Steve Weegman, Ryan Stutzman, Tracy Colquist , and one other part-time writer were also cut.

There are still great journalists working at the paper, but it does seem that as whole beats are cut (like the arts) the paper will serve fewer and fewer people. A death spiral seems imminent--particularly if there are more cuts, which certainly haven't been ruled out.

At this point I don't think the current on-site administrators of the paper could change their minds and keep a regular position for an arts reporter, but it can't hurt to bitch. Time rolls on, and if people write letters to the editor, there at least will be some consciousness that the beat matters here.

I have been at least tentatively asked to write the occasional freelance piece for them, which I agreed to do, but now I'm not so sure--will it give the impression that the beat is being covered, when it's not? There's no substitute for someone sitting in the newsroom 40 hours a week getting your pr and talking to you all.

that said, I will still be writing--for other venues, and maybe for the paper as well. So do keep sending me your info and calling--my home email is [email protected] and my cell phone is 393-9149.

love and thanks to you all!
ann k

coming to a cinema in Duluth sooon..

just wanted to say hello to you folks in duluth....and to let you know that a series that was started in floriduh will be continuing here once the new cinema opens on superior street...it's called THE TALKIES and it's cinema striking back.

Awesome Guitar - Sunday 9/21

This Sunday (9/21) - Justin Roth at Amazing Grace Bakery - 7pm - $10
One of the best guitar players you'll hear, also an alum of UMD, come check him out, he only makes it to Duluth about 2 times a year. I promise you won't be disappointed. And I'll be happy all the tables are full. You can also enjoy a cookie!

If we do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.

September 18, 2008

My new time waster

Since Ashenmacher moved to the Twin Cities and the Duluth Current blog is no longer posting interesting tidbits on a regular basis, I have now moved on to wasting my time reading iamneurotic (which I found on Ashenmacher's blog.) Enjoy, you voyeurs all!

This Saturday at the TPB: You Win!


Crummy economy got you down? 13 musicians, 4 drummers, 4 bands, 0 bucks.

Canine Heart Sounds kick off this party 'round 'bout 9:30.

The Tisdales are "post old-school"

"Just some guys goofing off at rehearsal trying to make a rock 'video'." -- Rich Mattson

Check out the Tisdales at Pizza Luce on Oct. 10.

The Hawks are coming! The Hawks are coming!



Four Years of Rocking Out in Duluth


The photo slide show repeats until the bands start at 7 p.m.

NYC Baby Soda Jazz Band at Weber


McKnight jazz accordionist, Patrick Harison, heads up this eclectic group of world class jazz musicians from the Big Apple. The style is "street jazz" with influence that range from New Orleans brass bands and southern gospel to hot jazz and jug bands. Concert 7PM Sunday at Weber. Post concert, the party continues with a swing dance at Venue at Mohaupt. Tickets and info at www.babysoda.org or 651-351-9180.

September 17, 2008

Wallace Gone. Me Sad.


Since I only have internet access when I walk downtown, I just found out that the brilliant writer David Foster Wallace hung himself on Friday. If you have not read his work, it is amazing and he will truly be missed. I'm really bummed about this...

The time for a jaunt will soon be upon us

2007Nonchalant.JPG 2003Nonchalant.JPG

The 2008 Nonchalant Jaunt will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27. We'll be walking from Wisconsin Point to Connors Point, taking in all the scenic wonder of Superior, Wisconsin -- old ore docks, Indian burial grounds, bars made out of old rail cars, etc.

More details next week. This is your early warning. Come jaunt with us.

And now, for a little Nonchalant Jaunt history ...


The 2003 Nonchalant Jaunt was an eight-person walk across the entire width of Duluth via Highway 23 -- from the former Wabagon Supper Club to the Lakeview Castle. Seven of the eight jaunters made it to the end; one had to go to work.


The 2004 Nonchalant Jaunt was a seven-person walk along Skyline Parkway -- from Mission Creek to the end of Occidental Boulevard. Three made it all the way; four jaunters got too comfortable at the former Buena Vista Restaurant and never finished.


The 2005 Nonchalant Jaunt was the first jaunt that was truly nonchalant. It started at the top of Enger Tower with no planned destination. The crew wandered into the friendly West End, through Graffiti Graveyard, into Canal Park and up through the Hillside.


The 2006 Nonchalant Jaunt started at the Clyde Avenue Boat Launch, went west into Morgan Park and the old U.S. Steel site, and ended at Hugo's Pizza.


The 2007 Nonchalant Jaunt began at Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe. We strolled over to the Lake Superior Marine Museum to watch an inspirational movie about bulk loading iron ore, then spent the rest of the day walking to the end of Minnesota Point and back.

hilarious fear & misinformation

deathstyle small.JPG
circa 1986. read it here.

September 16, 2008

Free Neko Casew/Giant Sand Tickets


I have 3 free tickets available for tommorow's Neko Case concert courtesy of Jade Presents and Northern Community Radio 91.7FM. No strings attached except an appreciation and desire to support independent radio. Since this is such short notice, please call 724-1000 and leave message. These are will-call tickets.......

[email protected]

Live In a Cool House Rent Free!

Patrick Nelson of ObsCuriosities is looking for a roommate to live rent free in his very cool house in exchange for working in the store (which is in the lower part of the house) 20 hours a week (approximately 11:00 - 3:00 Tues - Saturday). Hours are flexible though. Must love vintage clothing and interesting music. Pets negotiable. You will have a bedroom and share the rest of the house. If the work hours are not possible, he will consider renting for cash, no working the store. Call Patrick 218-722-2890 to discuss.

FREE Brother Ali Show @ UMD 09.20

Brother Ali • FREE & Open to Everyone • 8PM
Outside at UMD Plaza (Below dining hall)

I incorrectly listed the Brother Ali show at UMD as being student-only. Grant from the Kirby Program Board was nice enough to call me and set the record straight: Free show, outside at the UMD Plaza, located below the dining hall.


Somebody pinch me.

Henry Rollins.jpg

@ Sacred Heart?

Oct 23?


super smart delegate interviewed at GOP convention

Puppets & Drag!

BarbaraGordonDrag%20copy small.JPG
if you missed Barbara Gordon at the BB-Queer this is your chance to see her puppet act!

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Star and Tribune
A pretty interesting three part series on the damage that ATV users are doing to our forests. Looks like we are even paying them to do it!

September 15, 2008

ISO a big old cadillac...

I'm gearing up to direct my portion of our next film in production ('TEASE') and I am looking for a big old Cadillac - I'm willing to 'rent' one from someone but I don't know anyone with one. It is pivotal to my story and should run - although mostly it will be *parked.*

If anyone has any leads - let me know! [email protected]

Muchas Gracias..

I never said I was frightened of dying...


In addition to being the composer of Great Gig in the Sky, he also wrote (naming a few) Remember a Day, See-Saw, Summer '68, and the elusive Paintbox. Each one a great Pink Floyd song.

Bikers for Boobs!

Come on down to the Rapids Riverside Restaurant and Bar in South Range, Wisconsin on Saturday, September 20th to help save the tatas!

Rapids Riverside is sponsoring a motorcycle ride to raise money for local breast cancer programs. The ride starts at noon and will travel approximately 120 scenic miles to four other bars. Your $10 entry fee covers the ride and a pizza buffet. T-shirts will be $10 and there will be a raffle for some great prizes at $5.00 a ticket.

Rapids Riverside is located 1 mile east of the junction of Hwy 2 and 53.
For tickets, call Rapids Riverside at 715-398-6898.

The DJR Sessions

Every Monday, join Ryan at the Brewhouse for the best in new and independent music.

Text message the Brewhouse (39649 with Brew as the Message) and receive nightly specials.

September 14, 2008

Heliphino 2 this Friday!!


gates open at 3pm
music starts at 5


Slightly NSFW


Monkey About.

Help me see clearly

I'm in the market for replacement windows. Can anyone recommend a local window dealer and/or installer that you've worked with? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, Mr. Woodward

"And when you look at the data and you see what they can do in these operations, it's astounding. I somewhat compare it to the Manhattan Project in World War II, which led to the atomic bomb." - Larry King Live interview

After the jump, it's amazing what you can find on the internets.

PDF here. 60 Minutes interview here.


September 13, 2008

Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin


YouTube link

September 12, 2008

The first rule about Milk Club is you do not talk about Milk Club


So I tried to join this milk club today, you know, to put some civic involvement on my resume, and I tell you what I was disappointed to learn that they don’t even have any meetings or board members! I would have made an awesome treasurer.


I'm learning to fly in this little sweetheart.

sept08 064.JPG

Some things I notice from above:

1. Duluth is small. With full foliage, you barely even notice a "city".
2. Once you're away from Lake Superior, it's easy to get lost. It's all forest, interspersed with homesteads, small farmsteads, and lakes.
3. There's an incredible river gorge near Carlton.
4. Did you know there's a decommisioned missile base near Two Harbors?
5. Superior, WI is nearly non-existent from 7000 feet.
6. We live in a beautiful place.

I'll try to take some photos from "up there" as training allows.

mCain pez!

for purple. there's something for everyone here.

Official HS Bars

As a native West Duluthian and a graduate of Denfeld High School, I know that on most given nights, I could go to Mr. D's Bar & Grill and run into a former classmate. If you were to ask DHS grads of any year what the "official" bar of DHS grads is, I'd guess that most if not all of them would answer Mr. D's.

I may be wrong, but f you were to ask Proctor grads the same question, I'd guess that they'd say the Powerhouse is their official territory. I don't know what Superior's official turf would be, but I'm sure one exists.

Here's my question: Is there an "official" bar for Central or East alumni? Because if there is one, I have no idea what it would be.

September 11, 2008

Duluth Fail

Corner of 1st St & 8th Ave E.


Lester Park Pavillion


Photo from a recent birthday party. All "hail" (literally) the change of season!

September 10, 2008

Haiku Revisited

It's been far too long.
PDD Haiku '08.
Get ready... set... go!!

GOD ROCKED - DVD & Soundtrack Release Party!

godrocked_type banner.jpg

Join us for the DVD & soundtrack release party for '...and on the 7th day, God Rocked!'

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Red Star

Martinis $5, Brewhouse pints $3.50

Pick up your very own copy of GOD ROCKED for $20! Get the soundtrack for $10 - buy them together for the low-low price of $25!!

If you cannot attend but would like to purchase the DVD & soundtrack, please email [email protected] or call 218-336-1372.

Hope to see you there!

September 09, 2008

Book Reading at Northern Lights - this Thurs at 7p

Stillwater and Northshore guy, Spike Carlsen, will read from his book, "A Splintered History of Wood" - a collection of 55 humorful and informative stories about wood.

Spike's readings are interactive as he brings out his dog and pony show and among other things, relives his run in the World Championship Belt Sander races. Tales also include wood's role in solving the Lindbergh kidnapping case, raising 400-year-old sunken ships and it's use in instruments, weapons and all things woody.

He will be at Northern Lights Bookstore at 7pm this Thurs Sept 11.

Hope to see you there!

September 08, 2008

Wind Turbines: Beverly was right!

I just happened to check for my weekly Snopes ration and this was on there. I thought "Beverly was right!" (edited to add: YouTube is having some problems right now - not sure how long they'll last... visit the Snopes link for another version...)

Verified with Snopes

Well, that makes everything perfectly clear


So, are they ending the discount or continuing to offer it?

Takk for Maten

I'm not sure if everyone knows about this already or not, but a new cafe & store has opened on Lake Ave between Superior & 1st (in the old Robin Goodfellow building, below Sons of Norway). It's called Takk for Maten and it's spectacular. Since I work really close to it I had to check it out. Walking in is like walking into Ikea - but in a good way. It's cute as hell. There's plenty of seating. The menu was printed on a piece of paper and it appears that it changes on a near daily basis. When I went I got the smoked salmon grilled lefse wrap which was $5 and came with potato salad and baby greens. It was too delicious. The next day I went back for soup & chocolate bread pudding (I suggest the latter - it was heavenly). The prices are decent, especially for those of us who love & prefer to support local businesses.

In the back there is a little shop with lots of Scandinavian gifts, mostly homemade: hats, mittens, oven pads, dish cloths, sweaters, napkin holders.....all sorts of goodies.

I highly recommend that you check this place out. Even if it's just for a glass of iced lingonberry juice. Mmmm. Anyone else stopped in yet? Discuss.

Scary Iowa

I live in Duluth and don't travel much. But let me tell you, Duluthians, about the first state you hit if you keep traveling south. I spent part of the past weekend driving across Iowa. I have not been to Iowa since I was a kid, and something seems to have changed.


A short distance over the state line, we saw windmills in the distance. They were far away but could be seen clearly. You could tell they were enormous. Scary big.

I kept saying things like, "They're freaking me out!" and "Those are so scary!" Of course, I said, too, "Those make a lot more sense than digging up coal to burn it," but mostly, I was freaked out.
My kids asked, "Why do you think they're scary, Mom?"

And I'd say, "Because they're so big. It looks like an army of robots landed. Or space aliens, like in 'War of the Worlds.'" (This meant nothing to them, of course, not having seen that movie.) "And what if a tornado came by? Would those blades go sailing through the air? Would they spin super fast? Could the tornado pass right through them? Are they strong enough to withstand it?"

The windmills raised many questions, and unfortunately for everyone involved, there were no answers to be found within the minivan.


As we continued south and turned onto I-80, the cross-country semi traffic started. Again, I was scared by the size of things.

There were semis carrying windmill parts, huge sewer pipes and houses cut in half. There were semis carrying semis. There were oversize-load escort cars, like, a mile away from their load. What's the deal with that?

Then there was this big beam. "Shouldn't they transport that on its side?" I asked, always the critic. I passed the truck, and another carrying a beam just like it. It was scary.

We were sitting at a rest stop later when I saw the beam semis pass by. I ended up passing them twice.


At the rest stop, I began to wonder whether Iowa makes everything bigger. Never in my life have I been able to see over the wall in a bathroom stall, but in Iowa, my whole head can peer over. My daughter took a picture, in which I am standing flat on my feet. I have titled it "Hello There."

Monkey at a Café


The original artwork from "Monkey With A Tool Belt" by Chris Monroe is hanging at Lake Ave Café and there is an opening tonight from 5-7PM. Food and wine and Chris Monroe.

Lake Avenue Café
394 Lake Avenue South

The show is hanging though October 12.

September 07, 2008

Random building on SHT, and, um, Mars


What is this thing? It's located near Highland Ave. above the cemetery, sort of where Skyline hits the five corners there. Currently, I believe the trail is part of the Duluth section of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail.

The pic was taken right before sunrise, the blurry picture of which follows. I may have posted it before, and no, that's no ufo. It's mars, the moon, and the sunrise all in one pic. All photos taken in a pleasant morning of May. I need to get a better camera. A tripod would be nice, too.


But what is up with that building and where it's located (right next to a creek)? You can clearly see it's only about 10 x 10 feet. It also has bars. Creepy.

September 06, 2008

So many to chose from...but there can be only one.


Alright you beer loving rascals!! The local beer scene boasts many good brews, but which is the best and why?

Road trip-worthy -- Keweenaw Peninsula


I just moved up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula -- to Hancock, which is on the other side of the Portage Canal lift-bridge. As I understand it, that bridge is the [literal] gateway to the Keweenaw Peninsula.*

Today, the team I coach did a workout up in Gay, Michigan. No trip to Gay is complete [apparently] without a trip to the Gay Bar. The bar is open at noon daily, and its menu features hot dogs. Coneys, Chicagos, New Yorks, Philadelphias, chili, cheese, pizza, Reuben ... lots of hot dogs. The bartender might be a little crabby if she's working the bar as well as the kitchen, but her wrath is worth it. I don't usually like weiners that much, but goddamn these are some good dogs. Possibly better than Hebrew Nationals. The kraut is pretty good as well -- crisp and sour (sauer?).

They also have beer.

Distance from Duluth: 240 miles; 5.75 hours. Directions.

Photo stolen from The Gay Bar.

* This is unconfirmed, but supposedly there are people who live up near Calumet and Copper Harbor who've never ventured south of this bridge. They are said to take great pride in this fact.

Quality Local Footage from Quality Local Folks

Recently a post about a lack of quality items on the PDD blog brought to light the tripe that is the Youtube video of the day type of posts. I typically don't watch the videos unless there is some valuable commentary that goes along with it providing me some insight into why I should spend the next few minutes viewing it.

For this reason I present to you commentary on a crew of Duluth kayakers taking on the North Shore's creeks and rivers with a vengeance. They spent the last few springs hiking and subsequently dropping the North Shore's truly sick whitewater. Capturing this on film is a daunting task to say the least and when some professional videographers from out of town wanted to bring the North Shore to the rest of the world this crew was ready to act.

The following footage was shot at Illgen Falls and details the level of preparedness everyone went through in order get that perfect shot. Rigged highlines, pulleys, ropes came together with life jackets and helmets. Kind of like tightrope walking meets kayak boating.

Video by Mac.

What the Jade serves on weekdays


I was unaware that Elvis was alive and distributing 'shrooms and tins of elephant to Asian restaurants. This box was for take home, and yes, it just happened to be cut that way. Apologies for the low res, but my friend didn't have a camera, and thusly had to resort to webcam.

History or Garbage?


So, at what point does a pile of garbage become archeologically significant? When I first saw this collection of old junk in the woods near Stewart Creek, I considered bringing a bag out there and cleaning it up. Upon closer inspection, however, all of it appears to be at least 30 years old. "Archeologically significant" is a stretch, but it's kind of cool. It at least makes me thirsty for a hard tin can of PBR.


There's also an old Hamm's can.


The garbage is close to an old house foundation. This view is from the top of stairs that lead to what I think is an old Coolerator (that rusty thing on its side in the background).


Next to the foundation is a stone-walled section of a branch of Stewart Creek. I wish I knew who lived here and how they managed to be so awesome.

An open letter to fortune cookie manufacturers

Dear fortune cookie manufacturers,

If I wanted a small sugary cookie to give me self affirmations, I'd buy a product labeled as "Self Affirmation Cookies." But when the outer wrapper says "Fortune Cookie," I expect to see a glimmer of my future fortunes while I slowly unravel the intricacies of Chinese grammar one word at a time.

Please, take some time and try to get your products & marketing in line.

Concerned customer who already feels good about himself.

Endless stream of sefl affirmation cookies I've received.

September 05, 2008

New Blog on the Block

Northern Lights Books and Gifts in Canal Park recently launched a new blog - Norlight Lit Life - focusing in on literary life in the Northland with book reviews, book news, store updates, author news, and other bookish sundries.

Stop on over and check it out. It's one of the initiatives we're taking to celebrate 15yrs of independent bookselling in Duluth. More ahead this fall - details as they develop.

You Have Ten Minutes to Comply


Pete Scholtes is writing for the Minnesota Independent . We have stop-and-search lists now, apparently. Slideshow here.


4 Track Films to present the DVD/Soundtrack release party for
'...and on the 7th day, God Rocked!'

Where: Red Star (in the Fitger's Brewery Complex, 600 E. Superior St, Duluth)
What: drink specials and of course to pick up your copy of the hit movie
When: Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
Info: DVDs are $20 and soundtracks $10, or get them both for $25

Can't make the party? E-mail [email protected] or visit 4trackfilms.com/godrocked to order your copies.

September 04, 2008

I hrt John Stewart.

(Losing) remote control


This is a tale that involves two different story lines colliding.

STORY LINE 1: Three years ago, I bought a Subaru Forester - my first new car - that, among other nifty features, had a ceiling console above the rear-view mirror where one could store a pair of glasses and a garage-door remote. I never got in the habit of using those compartments with their flip-down doors, and pretty much forgot about them. Then one day in late May or early June, I must have looked at that garage-door remote holder and thought, "let's give it a go." So I placed the remote inside, closed the compartment door and went on my way.

STORY LINE 2: One day in late May or early June, I noticed that my garage-door remote was missing. I searched through a lot of boxes, thinking I had absent-mindedly tossed it in one of them after walking into the house. I scoured the garage, closets, everywhere. I got in the habit of leaving my car outside; if a big storm was coming, I'd leave the car idling in the driveway, run around to the side door and open the garage door from the inside.

I had started to give up on ever finding the remote. I thought I might have accidently pitched it in the trash while cleaning out my car. But last week, with cold weather and snow getting ever closer, I got new resolve to find the remote. I tore into boxes, emptied closets, left no cabinet door unopened. Nothing.

STORY LINES COLLIDING: This morning I went to get some items from the car, and as I was sitting in the driver's seat flipping through papers, I happened to glance up. I saw the garage-door remote compartment. As I reached up to open the door, I thought to myself, "no way, it couldn't be...." It was.

The end.

September 03, 2008

Sex Lives of Animals

Thought of y'all.

Kinda Neato

Rage Against the Machine - A Cappela in St. Paul


conservative talking heads busted on a hot mic!

We're Duluth!

T-shirt available soon at Starfire Screen Printing Co.



Got your attention?

I just want to give props to props to the Duluth Police Dept., UMDPD and even...gasp..the DNT for ther reasoned response to the first weekend of the 0809 school year. today's article was well done and not vapid hype mongery...thank you DNT. And thanks again to local law enforcement who sent a message to the party houses that they are located in a residential neighborhood...with...er...residents who also ...er...reside there. Hopefully this is the continuation of a positive trend in acknowledgment and action. We CAN all live together.

September 02, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act: The Truth

john mcain loves arabian horses?


From the Photo Archive | July 1988


I can't remember the circumstances exactly, but I'm sure Jeff Persch will comment on this in the next few days and clear everything up. All I remember is, those mangy Morgan Park kids got their dirty hands on someone's West Duluth Junior League football jersey, so they hung it from their goal post.

This photo shows the retrieving of the jersey by West Duluthians. On top, holding the jersey, is Jason Mehling. On the ground is Barrett Chase with Jim Maas on his shoulders.

Don LaFontaine


Duluth native Don LaFontaine, aka the Voice of God, has died of a collapsed lung at 68. [via via]