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your hip youth culture update


an advertisement i found today while perusing facebook.

what went wrong?
a) facebook
b) "threads"
c) those damn kids
d) kosherHam.com
e) the commercialization of "baracking-out"


Haha. You look at Facebook.

Rock out with your Barack out.

hey, somebody had to say it.

So basically...that McCain ad is right then, huh?

which one? The one.. er many, that make McCain look petty and idiotic? Yeah the McCain ad is right then.

John prolly shoulda ran that ad by the Hiltons first, eh?

edgeways...I'm not a McCain fan at all. However, the ad I was talking about was the now-imfamous "Paris Hilton/Britney Spears" ad. A post like this just further enforces the idea that Obama's popularity is based in large part on the celebutard factor.

if McCain weren't so old and crusty and actually spoke in terms about things that younger folk could relate to, perhaps he'd be a bigger personality cult too.

chalk it up to jealousy.

in the future, he'd better watch out who he makes fun of. Paris' 'rents didn't cotton too much to his people making fun of their daughter and pulled both their campaign funding and support from McCain's campaign.

It's more a question of a what went right.

Answer: A guap of shit.

Including, but not limited to:

*Mark Zuckerburg's not-so -alleged-anymore code swindle.
*Harold Washington's untimely heart attack. Fuck, and Dick M. Daley, too.
*A legion of dupes, easily controlled by a discourse of symbols they are trained to not see. Let alone give names to.
*The long, hard slog to build a society aiming to create those dupes.
*The quiet death of Dr. King's Poor Peoples Campaign in the summer of '68.
*Sodium Fluoride. Seriously.
*Keeping DARPA flush with that good,good taxpayer money. (And Milton Friedman
claims you can't do good with other peoples money. Sheeeiit.)
*The fact that Hipsterism, like anything moving serious units, owes a lot to vanity.
*Michelle Obama's social network. Though this is pre-Facebook of course.
*The 107th Congress' gift to you: Public Law 107-252.
*The Third Bass record, "The Cactus Album". 1989.
*Your continued insistence of clinging to the absurd theater of the false left-right paradigm.

Eek, Obama is popular and inspires enthusiasm. Better vote for the warmonger with shit for brains instead.

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