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yet another roommate wanted ad

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my roommate is moving out--alas!--so i need another. see my craigslist ad.


Another roommate??? I didn't see it in the ad but do you have a pit somewhere in that apartment.
She puts the lotion on her skin or else she gets the hose again......

as the soon-to-be-moving-out roommate, I can vouch for the excellence of the apartment and Maria as a roommate:)

Yes, she is a very nice lady and the place is great. But ... please no riff raff. We're trying to run a tight ship around here ...

jp said "no riff raff", maybe as a joke, or not.

Then, I am most certainly not interested good sirs/madams.

I'm firmly convinced that a "tight ship" is a pipe dream, though very romantic, and a common concern for some of the home owners.

I only say that because I'm speaking from a lot of experience... good luck with the maintenance of what you hope to be a "tight ship".

Personally, I've found young, neat, professionals to be the scariest people to live/rent with. But that's just me. It's probably just the choice of words that irritates :)

With that said, the most fun I had (and yes, everyone was neat by modern standards, but not persnickity) was living with four other individuals of mixed gender in a large house with a single bathroom. Don't ask me how, but somehow we all got along just great.

thanks for clearing the "riff raff" issue up. for a moment i thought jp was referring to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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