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Why August needs a holiday


Two scarecrow decorations just showed up in the front of this Duluth home. I say it's too early for fall decorations. I say it's still summer. I say this might explain why it suddenly got cooler.
I'm just saying ...


Weather pessimism....we can't have that garbage in the waning days of summer.

scarecrows just show up on their own. I feel bad for the people who live there. they must be terrified.

Wow, that's my childhood home in Kenwood! Bring on Fall!

Fuck. I rolled my eyes when I saw Halloween stuff at Walgreen's already- but you just don't expect that from normal people. Damn- the leaves aren't even close to tuning yet. There's girls still walking around in halter tops for x-sake.

Labor day is coming up - you could put a bunch of union workers in your yard?
(I was going to say "hang up a bunch of union workers", but I think that might not be the best term to use...)

At least it is not Christmas decor, which all but edges out Halloween these days and entirely steamrolls Thanksgiving.

Anyway September in an election year becomes yard sign season.

I've seen a few leaves turning already. I love fall, it's probably my favorite season.

I was driving up Highway 63 from Hayward to Ashland this weekend and those tree were really starting to turn. That's a pretty drive in the Fall.

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