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We're on 'The Hope' !

Rougement and I cordially invite our fellow PDDers to a MoveOn political action group flavored "Obama's Acceptance Speech" gathering tonight at our home in Superior. There'll be munchies, the acceptance speech on the tube, and chit chat.

If you'd like to pop in, send me a quick email and I'll pop back the address and directions.

The Party will start at 8pm. You're welcome to bring a snack or sweetie to share, but no pressure :) We have 2 dogs (who will be kenneled) and a cat, for those who may be allergic or adverse to fur balls.
We also have a small child, so there are 2yrs and under age appropriate toys and play space.

MoveOn.org will be conduction a national conference call at 8:15 that we'll listen in on, detailing the the plan to help Obama win. Obama is expected to speak around 9:00pm.

I'll have information about other MoveOn events happening in the Duluth/Superior area if you're interested in participating. Again, no pressure!

We're on 'The Hope'
Just off Hammond and 21st
28 Aug, 8:00 PM
Location: Superior, WI 54880
Host: Theresa Angus