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Well it's about time...

jeebus people on mars.jpg
"It would appear that the US President has been briefed by Phoenix scientists about the discovery of something more "provocative" than the discovery of water existing on the Martian surface."

Full Story here in Universe Today

...now where's my damn JETPACK!!!

BTW ironic1, do you have a pre-prepared sermon for this?

AND...here's an alternate ending...Mars Gartman 1024x768 desktop background


This is definitely my favorite PhotoShopping of the year thus far!

"I'm in a bathtub! It's on Mars! I'm in tip top condition!"

Zippy the Pinhead

I've preached that sermon a dozen dozen times already, Baci. It's called "You're not the center of the universe. Get over yourself."

Speak for your self ironic1.

just what we need: more posts with photoshop pics of Gartman.

no, really.

now if we could just get him to stand on a streetcorner wearing a sandwichboard with "THE END IS NEAR" scrawled across it...

Oh, I am.

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