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tall ships & judgement day

jeebus people 2 small.JPG
it's complete mayhem down here.


I got a pic yesterday too. Caption: Wtf does this have to do with boats? Jesus died for my sins on a pirate ship? SWEET! Maybe I WILL be friends with him!

I don't see anything terribly wrong with evangelism, but that sign gave me a chuckle, especially in that location.

a sampling of pervert evangelicals:

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Former state legislator Coy C. Privette, a Cabarrus County commissioner and retired Baptist minister, was charged Thursday with aiding and abetting prostitution, authorities said.

Jerry Darian Sawrie, 39, has pleaded not guilty to viewing and possessing child pornography. He allegedly told an employer about his conduct earlier. Sawrie was working as the youth curriculum editor for Disciple Guide, a publisher of church and Bible literature, when he contacted his supervisor about images of young males he'd been viewing with his work computer last February. He was also the associate pastor of Richmond Road Baptist Church in Texarkana.

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — Police believe a body found in a small-time evangelist's home freezer is his wife and a mother of eight, and arrested him on a murder charge as he preached at a south Alabama church. Anthony Hopkins, 37, was being held in the Mobile County jail Wednesday awaiting a bond hearing and appointment of an attorney.

FORT WORTH - A Fort Worth pastor was released on bond Thursday after he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl he met at his church.

AIKEN, S.C. - The Aiken County Sheriff's Office on Thursday arrested a North Augusta pastor concerning a series of sexual assaults dating back to 1990 involving a teenage girl.Lawrence Smith, 69, 469 Bradleyville Road, North Augusta, South Carolina, is charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor - Second Degree (three counts), Lewd Act Upon a Child (three counts) and Assault and Battery High and Aggravated Nature (three counts).

here's a site that links to news stories about these pervy pastors:
it goes on & on.
sorry you have to copy & paste- i don't know how to make a link in the comments.

I don't know much about 'pervert' demographics, but it's plausible any tight-knit social community may become a catalyst of strange social behavior. In other words, it's not just religious people (btw, evangelical != baptist).

If I had to guess, I would almost bet that the percentage of 'perverts' per social group/situation is the same across the board (like coach/player, teacher/student, parent/child, etc.).

I don't think that has much to do with a kid carrying around a doomsday sign at that venue, though; still chuckling about that one. Does that person not realize that we answer for the spiritual it (fit your favorite definition of it here) even before death? Philosophical question. Sorry.

Good picture, though.

You actually gave me a chance to fit in one of my favority quotes:

"The point of religion is not to get man into heaven in the afterlife, but rather to get heaven into man here on earth."

-- some obscure writer, I don't remember who

i was biking down the lakewalk a few weeks ago when i saw these two. it's a dad and son i think...

the dad was leading a prayer when he paused mid-sentence to answer his ringing cell phone. i found that a bit curious.

Gee, and here I always thought the point of religion was to control people and make money off them.

Hmmm. Seen the same sign when I went down there, but different people had taken over.

I believe it was these two, only they left the silly headgear at home.

I may have worded that quote wrong. I recall vaguely that it was more about how things should be perceived than how they currently are.

Blast! Now I'll have to go digging.

What's the crowd? Is there some kind of event?

These guys have been hanging around every event this summer. I saw them at the Airshow, sidewalk days, the Maritime festival and also random times in Canal park. Are they part of a larger group or just acting on their own?

The last thing anyone wants to hear is some guy shouting about "sin hell and Jesus" after standing around in 90*F heat all day, in a sea of tourists. Sometimes I kind of wish someone would just take one for the team of off these guys. Or maybe just get 8 larger white signs and form an octagon around them.

signs are so 1969.

When did Jesus get such crummy marketing? The Jesus I know is a terribly nice guy.

These guys had quite an audience though. I stepped in line at about 8:30am and got on a boat at noon.

Speaking of craziness in the ship-mania crowd, I made a 10 year-old kid cry today (reportedly). He spat his gum out on the street right in front of me--being increasingly curmudgeonly in my old age, I picked it up, walked over and stuck it in his hand, and told him that no one wanted to step in it (and that he was 15 feet from a trash can). His enraged parents hurried after me and my 5 year-old to complain that I had been rude, that he was only 10, etc. I replied that I didn't realize their son was throwing gum on the street right in front of his parents, that I would expect better behavior from our daughter, and I'd be glad if someone called her on it if she was out of line. We reached a bit of a lull in our conversation at that point--if you're out there, angry parents: remember, it takes a village, xxoo.

Now if you'll please excuse me, I think some rock 'n' rollers are on my lawn or something.

This is kind of similar to politicians campaigning at public events. Just some folks promoting their cause.

made me wish we had an rapid action deployment squad of Pastafarians in the community to present the truth of the Flying spaghetti monster..

Kokigami, that would be hilarious.

A sign that read, "Touched by his noodly appendage" would have been perfect with the pirate ships too. Bummer.

Hey Moped Will....we need 5 larger white signs so we can form a PENTAgram around them.

I vote for some nice witchy signs. We could form a pentagram around said jesus poster holder and chant about the goddess and her watery womb of life and the fiery harvest reaper. It would be great. We could probably even dress up in robes and bring staffs. Than after wards we could have had a good duel with the pirates that I heard were hanging around.

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