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Superior FAIL

Recently seen on Fail Blog:




Seriously. "What" is an interrogative, not an exclamation. Way to do the pro-life cause a disservice.


Mmmmmm, fried embryo and cheese on an English muffin.......

Those billboards are also all the way down I-35 and in the Cities. What! What?! What embryos are babies? Which? Who?!

Thank you with providing me a link that has occupied about five hours of my life today.

How about a billboard with a jumbo pack of Trojans on it...WHAT???? Sex causes babies????

As so often occurs, I agree with Debbie. Please stop being so cool so I can stop my compulsive linking to your blog.

I always kind of wanted to deface that particular billboard by spray-painting "NOT AN EMBRYO" with a big arrow pointing to the baby. But I think McD's just did me one better.

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