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sturgeon eel love

sturgeon eel small.JPG
taken today with my camera phone @ 0950.
i guarantee you won't see these boring old uglies while kayaking the great lakes. does anybody know why? (excluding sara k.)


They all got jobs at the Aquarium.
I would think that their survival is based on them not hanging around the surface - preference for cold and dark depths of the lake.

From the looks of it, I would guess self-esteem issues combined with a love of small rocks.

My wife brought me lunch today. She brought me sushi. She knows my favorite kind is eel so that's what she got for me.

It was difficult to eat after seeing this pic.

Did you have to pay $11 (plus your taxpayer subsidy as a resident) for the chance to take it?

Oh, I forgot, you work there.

we've already established where i work. i know where you work as well. not exactly the private sector huh? i think we taxpayers subsidise your job as well.

There are a lot of sturgeon in the St. Louis River. You can't keep them off your line in certain places while ice fishing in the harbor. There are also times where you will see them near the surface in certain places. Not likely in the Great Lakes, but in spawning habitat they can be found in just a few feet of water.

there's one hanging in the Pickwick. Unfortunately for some though- there are drinkers and golfers in there too.

Why are we bickering about the Aquarium? The city is locked in unless we pony up $16 million to get out. Discussions about eliminating that taxpayer burden are almost completely moot.

Yes, the Aquarium was most likely a bad venture for the city. But we're "there" now. Saying unkind things to one another over it is divisive in a time when we should be collaborative.

PDD seems to host a group of articulate, intelligent people who actually care about their community. Instead of focusing on the bad decisions that this city has already made and can't be un-made, why not spend some time trying to come up with creative solutions to the problem?


Some years ago, I became terrified of going into Lake Erie [1] when I encountered a sturgeon while touring the Cleveland aquarium.

True story.

[1] Of course at that time (or perhaps at any time), it was probably just as well that I didn't hang out in Lake Erie all that much.

I have seen some pretty gigantic sturgeon (talkin' 12+ feet long--I'm just sayin'!) in the Wolf/Little Wolf Rivers in central Wisconsin. I have to assume they're lounging in plenty of other rivers too...not just in the north... beware of prehistoric fish...

I've seen them spawning in the Fox River by Oshkosh, WI too. Pretty cool.

My question is on the quality of the aquarium's caviar. Should market that!

The Professor, his kid, and I were at our favorite local rock beach last week and we're pretty certain we saw a 3-footer near shore. It was too big and gnarly looking to be anything else, if you ask me, but I'm no fish expert.
Pretty freaky! Of course, they can't really bite you....just attach themselves on you and...suck.
(shudder, shudder)

I shouldnt be getting turned on by that, should I?

thanks for all the sturgeon reports. how refreshing! keep 'em coming. i knew some of you would accept the challenge. heysme - your answer was the closest so far.

Thanks C-freak
You made my day!
After sitting in the office and not doing anything right (uploading pictures, checking out PDD, shopping online) being close to right is cool!

Their carcasses (carci?) can often be found on the beach on Park Point in the late winter/early Spring. The hound likes to sniff them.

carcass - carci...

stewardess - stewardi

rabbit - rabbi

carolyn: tell us why! tell us why! i need some comfort food on this one, after facing many fears with my new long board recently, but this was one i had not thot of! 3'?! 12'!? i forgot all about this!
i had a reoccuring dream as a child about being swallowed by a fish, some jonah identity, i suppose, but in the dream it was a northern with big teeth and always in an inland lake. i always woke up right as he was about to swallow me, shuddering.

Ah, this picture is reminding me that I should go back to the Aquarium one of these days. It's been a while.

Last time I was there, you guys had a Red Knot in the bird exhibit--is he still around? This spring I actually got to see some in the wild down on Park Point, which was super exciting. (They're in danger of becoming extinct.)

In the course of a wholly unrelated search, I ran across this video, which is tangentially related [note that the excited fisher-persons swear quite a bit, if that kind of thing troubles you, your boss, or what have you]:


They are putting in a new sidewalk on my street this week. It may have needed to be replaced, but it wasn't all that bad. Certainly navigable even in a wheel chair, I would guess.

I would rather have libraries and an aquarium. And if there are going to replace a sidewalk, I can think of some other places, like BEHIND my house where it actually needs replacing.

The point is that there are other areas to cut expenses in tight times than the ones people keep brining up. And fish vs libraries is just another one of those false and cannibalistic arguments. Kinda like pitting the "middle" class against the "lower" class and "minorities" so that no one really questions the "ruling" class. This is one of the things that the US is founded on (read your history book). And it is always a shame to see ... Even on PDD. Kinda like when local entertainers and promoters start attacking each other rather than going after the couch potatoes who don't do ANYTHING ...

And as long as this post is getting long, I think I'll also add that I really appreciate Caroline taking on a somewhat unpopular position and also DEFENDING it with facts. Good for you c-freak! Good for discourse, good for democracy. Yippee!

That sturgeon we saw was four feet long if anything. In beautiful clear smooth water about 20 feet out, maybe 8-10 feet deep, gliding balefully over the boulders.

are the sturgeon and the eel paramour's...?

i hope to see them at Pride

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