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Spirit Valley Days, Saturday

From the comfort of a hot bath and a good book, I could hear the resounding 80's cover tunes wafting in from spirit valley days through the open window. Ahh, the memories... or, actually, though I used to love the stuff, I'm sort of sick hearing live bands play what now sounds like karaoke.

2 minor things. This event was supposed to be on Friday. Not surprisingly, the website wasn't updated, nor were others. And, secondly, what is up with Duluth's fetish with the 80's? Is it because the beat is so simple? (1, 2, 1, 2, repeat ad nauseam), or because the chords and structure (refrain/chorus/etc.) are so simple? I'm just teasing... kind of. Maybe I've been going to the wrong venues.

All joking aside, I wished I could have joined in the festivities. Alas, I'm lazy this weekend and am saving my energy to stand in line for 4 hours to see the tall ships.

"Arrrgh, matey! There be scallywag 80ers starboard. Right then. To accord. Kenny Logins, sir, would you be so kind as to put one foot in front of the other across that there plank. . Watch yer step."

Okay, I admit, I'm no playwright :)


I was surprised by the bigotry of Hairball's lyrics. One song went "with a towel on your head, get the hell out of the USA". This was met with quite the positive response from the crowd. This is my last Spirit Valley Days I'll attend.

Join us brother for tomorrow's sounds of the future now! Really, the 80's retro thing sounds better when listed to through a swank 60's filter whislt quaffing a 50's martini...do, please joins us where we are, we welcome you...Next planned gig...Halloween at Carmody. Possibly something sooner. Or you could always purchase our fine wares from itunes, rhapsody or amazon.com

Ogre: What song was that? Are you sure that was Hairball and not one of the other three bands? Hairball is a cover band (the one with costumes), and I'm curious which 80s hair-metal song has those lyrics.

i've heard hairball play that song before.

I believe Hairball did the lyric change during Poison's Nothing But a Good Time.

I don't think Hairball would sell any tickets if it played in the hillside or west of 21st ave.
Mr. D's is like walking into the 80's.

I agree that Hairball's anti-Arab lyric change was stupid and bigoted. But it's also a completely false that Hairball could only sell tickets at Mr. D's. While I certainly wouldn't fault anyone who says they suck and would never pay money to see them, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. The fact is they draw well no matter where they play. I would be willing to bet the cost of their bar bill for a night that they would do just fine at the The Reef or The Orpheum. They seem to draw okay in the Cities and other venues all over Minnesota. I highly doubt that a few Luce' hipsters slagging on them would hurt their bottom line to much. The fact of the matter is that nostalgia for the 80's sells well all over. The Joint @ The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas did well having an 80's hair metal tribute band booked their every Thursday for years. And having been to both places I see very little in common between Mr D's/West Duluth and Las Vegas.

Wait. There are hipsters in Duluth?

Wouldn't it be brilliant if Hairball did the blatently bigoted line out of tribute to Axl Roses's infamous "One in a Million" lyrics or Sebastian Bach's very offensive (and inappropiate) photo shoot wearing the Aids Kills Fags Dead t-shirt?

I don't mean tribute as in wasn't that cool, but it would put a twist if it was done in the context of being an arrogant 80's frontman. Although I'm sure it was done out of plain ignorance. Too bad, cause the band is pretty entertaining.

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