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Sarah Palin

via http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25970882/?GT1=43001

"They have five children. Their son, Track, enlisted in the U.S. Army on Sept. 11, 2007."

I think my inner eagle just got choked up and wept tears of Red, White, and Blue. Is that Lee Greenwood I hear in the distance?


Craven and transparent. What if McSame dies on Nov. 5th?

See, Republicans can do it to. This screams 'politics'. He picks a woman to offset the Democrats nominating Obama (African American) and not Hillary (a woman). The Governer of Alaska huh? This wouldn't have anything to do with ANWR would it? As for the whole picking a woman thing, this faction of the Republican party is as for social progress as the KKK.

Who names their son "Track"?

What are their other kids' names: Field? Path? Trot? and Alley?

Anyone else notice that Sarah Palin is kind of hot too?

She's a vpilf alright. Pretty transparent politicking from McCain though, I'd expect nothing less from that guy. Biden must be very happy.

She seems to have some foot in mouth disease... needs a little polish.


(sarcasm> Yes. Yes! Can we have more of that sweet "my vice presidential candidate swings a bigger dick than your vice presidential candidate" rhetoric? (/sarcasm>

Geraldine Ferraro wants her dignity back!

I just want my taxes back! And some dignity, too. And maybe to be left the fuck alone to pursue my own life, liberty and happiness.

Well you can't have your taxes back until we balance the budget. Anyone who wants to reduce taxes is not fiscal conservative. We have got to stop running the government on credit cards, time to pay the bills.

I think it's sad to be named "Track," but I'm not going to criticize the kid for having the impulse to join the service on 9/11/01. He could have been "doing his part for the war effort" by working on his mother's campaign, after all. One might prefer that his actions weren't converted into political currency, but that's how it goes--everyone knows that Joe Biden's son is on his way to Iraq, of course.

But I believe one of his brothers is named "Brighton." Shudder.

Oh, and yeah, I guess I should have actually read it/get around to finding my glasses. 9/11/07 has a rather higher cheese quotient.

I was going to say something. Now what was it?

"transparent" is putting it lightly.

"desperate" would be another term i'd use.

two words:

Harriet Myers.

Oh, the question. Who would name their son Track? I thought I heard it said that the lady in question father(or someone in the family) was a trapper. Tracks and trappers? They may have something in common. Ya, five kids and still look that good.

A little reading on her, and I'm convinced! I was on the fence, but now McCain is getting my vote for sure.

Now, all McCain has to do is make Fred Thompson his pick for AG, and I'll pass out from sheer joy.

PartsGuy...you are officially my soulmate.

Hey everyone, look! Danny's back! Commence with the raciost troll accusations.


Have another drink.



Yeah. It's gonna be awesome when her kid gets killed in Bush's war.

Man, do I hate people who don't thing exactly the same way on stuff as I do. Let's humiliate, embarrass, or reeducate those people.

Parts Guy, I see your point. If Obama had only named the former mayor of Moose Lake his running mate I would have totally been on board with him. But instead he goes and gets a veep with scads of foreign policy experience. Some guy who is imminently qualified to be president, what was he thinking. Having the the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska a weak 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency was a brilliant move on Mcain's part.

TA, is that sarcasm? If not, you just hit a new low for sleeze bags everywhere. Despite what you think of any candidate, or this war, to say what you said was beastly!

I wonder how many people change their minds either way as a result of this little political discussions. I'm going to go out on a limb and say none.

Hey you repubs, put the newly issued talking points down for a sec and engage you brain. The idea that a republican can look the other way when it comes to Sarah Palin's life story - her lack of experience, her PTA background, her support for disgraced Ted Stevens, then her flip flopping on pork, and her hiding from her daughters pre martial sex and out of wed lock child -is comical because for decades republicans have railed on democrats for these things that today they claim aren't important. Really? For months you said that experience matters, then today....not so much. For years you have held this morality as the standard yet today it's none of our business. Come on. It's the hypocrisy that is the story. Not the scandal. We could care less that her daughter was knocked up as a result of failed abstinence only policy. We could care less that she was a runner up in a pin up contest. we could care less that her husband wanted to lead his state to separatism. The story is how quickly you all will stand in line. It's the hypocrisy. Faithful followers. Take a break and open you eyes. - Where the action isn't...TR

let's not forget Palin's firing of Alaska's chief of state police because he refused to terminate her sister's ex husband, who was a member of the state police...which smacks of the Justice Dept firings a couple of years back...

speaking of: Harriet Myers (there's that name again...) has been charged with contempt of congress and has lost whatever perceived amount of Executive Privilege immunity her bosses have assured and afforded her. How much ya wanna bet she didn't know her association with Dumbya'd land her ass in a bind like this?

seriously, Palin's public vetting and the ensuing tapdance by the RNC trying to justify their backpedaling on the morality and experience issues is like watching a monkey fuck a football.

Tony surfaces to claim stats......not bad - Alexa has DCB site ranked at roughly 12,100,000th and PPD at roughly 570,000th (1st being the most traffic) PDD is then 21 times more popular as measured by traffic. PDD publishes their stats, as opposed to keeping them secret and trusting the source, and PPD's traffic is over 2,000,000 hits. So how can that be? PDD has about a 24k - 30k visits per month. PDD then has 21 times the traffic? He (I) says....UNIQUE VISITORS 12,290 , HITS 123,486 .... something is a little fishy....

from DNT weblog
Daniel G.
Duluth, MN
9/4 9:21 AM I only have one thing to say (and I'm sure this will be stolen from me down the line): REAGAN 2.0 She made me proud to be a Republican again

Why do I get the feeling that my psychiatrist is also a Professor?

Regardless...quite the assumption that there's only one "Danny G" in Duluth.

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