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Renegade Opening Night!

RedHot Poster jpeg.jpg

A Neil Simon classic, Last of the Red Hot Lovers tells the hilarious story of Barney Cashman, a married man determined not to let the sexual revolution pass him by. Trouble is, he's awful at adultery. The laughs pile up as he makes three desperate, awkward stabs at extramarital affairs - before a sweet, smart epiphany changes everything for Barney.

Directed by: Josh Hinke
Stage Manager: Kaite Lindner
Technical Director: Bethany Reinfeld

Barney Cashman...Jake Neuman
Elaine Navazio...Ashley Kuske
Bobbie Michelle...Caitlin Losure
Jeanette Fisher...Sarah Diener

Scenic Designer...Bethany Reinfeld
Cosutme Designer...Sarah Kreuter
Lighting and Sound Designer...Noah Craft
Props Master...Bethany Reinfled

August 7-9, 14-16, 21-23 at 7:00 p.m.
call 336-1414 for reservations