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Quel es? ... Ahhh ... la belle femme skunk fatale!! Tch-tch.


So, about 15 minutes after I hit a skunk with my car on I-35 last night, the dog managed to get sprayed by another skunk in our yard. My entire world is putrid.

Still, I think skunks are really cool.


That sucks, that happend to our golden in march and we tried everything to get the smell out. Tomato juice didn't seem to work as well as I had heard, tried the dawn/baking soda mix...ehhh, and even the expensive stuff. I think that petco will do something in their grooming area for like $35 and it seems to work well. We still get a faint smell of skunk when she gets wet.

Double whammy, ouch. My dog has gotten sprayed twice in the last month and I've seen 2 skunks in the neighborhood recently (east hillside). They were not afraid of me at all. I'm now completely paranoid after dark.

i worked at a campground one year and my dog got sprayed so much i gave up and lived with it. of course i smoked skunk weed and drank skunk beer so it really was no problem. nevermind.

My brother's two dogs got hit yesterday. He used
baking soda, peroxide and soap..

My brother's two dogs got hit yesterday. He used
baking soda, peroxide and soap..

my cat got herself sprayed twice this summer. there's nothing like trying to bathe a cat at three a.m. while under the influence of sleep meds. the last time, i ended up devolving into a sort of hysteria, bleeding up and down my arms, while the rest of the family hid in their rooms pretending to sleep. it was hilarious. really.

the problem with the peroxide/baking soda/soap concoction is that it isn't recommended for cats.

a month later, she still smells faintly of skunk. i love her anyway. not so sure i will if she does it again.

there was/is a skunk living in the yard of my building. it sprayed both my dogs and my neighbors' three dogs...and one of my neighbors! i've got a live trap, just not the courage to use it yet.

1 teaspoon baking soda to 8oz hydrogen peroxide (3%) with a few drops of dawn really worked well on my dogs. pour it on, rinse it off. i also don't let the mutts out after dark anymore, poor things.

Maria - wanna get ride of that skunk in your back yard? Don't trap it, feed it. A couple of hershey bars. Legend has it, the skunks eat it, get sick - not to the point of harming them, just unpleasantness - and associate being sick with your area and leave, for good. It's worth a buck or so to give it a try, right?

Uh, and of course it goes without saying - don't let your dogs get at the chocolate. That might be the hard part!

My husband's uncle was a vet and provided sage advice to us one summer when our dogs were getting sprayed every couple weeks. Magic word: Massengill. It removed every ounce of stink from them, I swear.

The 2nd skunk followed you home looking for revenge.

One word... mothballs (for the yard/deck/porch). It seems to be pretty effective to make the family move elsewhere.

The smell, well, I guess it sticks. I'm not really sure why dogs and cats get hit so often, because skunks usually hiss and stamp before spraying.

Oh wait, now I know. The whole sniffing the butt thing :)

I've been very close to many skunks on night hikes, and they are totally harmless.

There was a repeat of an old Mythbusters on over the weekend where they tackled the skunk stink issue. They had by far the best results with the peroxide-baking soda-dish soap formula. They had bad results with tomato juice, douche, and a commercial scent remover.
You really do have to admire a couple of guys willing to let themselves get sprayed in the name of science.

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