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Pod, Yurt

The Pod is looking good in the Garden of Ferns.

The Yurt, now six years old, has seen better days.

No sign of sasquatch.


"The Yurt, now six years old, has seen better days"

oh, i dunno a little (non VOC) paint, a fresh tarp or two...maybe some throw pillows...

where is this? my brothers made a fort similar to The Yurt in the umd (bagley) nature center

Yurtville and Pod City exist in the realm of the mind. And also in Lake County near Lake McDougal and the Stony River.

This dwelling is clearly the handiwork of the native sasquatch population.

I've been called worse.

The Fam and I have been to Lake McDougal before. I've tried to capture on film that elusive bit of white rock that's in the middle of the lake but without watercraft, it's hard to establish what it is. Nice place... .:)

Damn, those are cool. Especially the pod. Reminds me of my secret "fort" in Cook County, I need to remodel badly.

you insult the glorious peoples of the steppe by calling that thing a yurt.

I agree that it is quite forlorn, perhaps even ugly. But it is most definitely a yurt - notice the crosshatched stick construction, which is collapsable and rollable, just like the Mongolian type. The method of covering does not a yurt make... or something like that.

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