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let the good times roll...



Isn't it spelled "Bev's Jook Joint"?

i don't think bev cares as long as people show up and drink her cheap beer!

you're right, barrett... it's "jook"...

that's what i get trusting the supertack's myspace page...

Ha! You trusted the Supertacks. Sukka!

i remember (many years ago) some friends of mine in a seven piece brass band had come up to play at bev's. with the exception of the microphone, there wasn't a single electrical instrument. the bartender walked over them at one point and said "you guys are too loud, can you turn it down?" how do you turn down a tuba?

With the utmost caution Neal. Don't fear the tuba. Respect the tuba and its power.

Bev's is awesome, you can really feel the power of rock in there. Or maybe it's the electrical current that comes from an ungrounded outlet, through the microphones to your face and out to your fingertips. I assumed we just rocked that hard but just in case, I'll bring a power strip.

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