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Hey.. Why don't you tell your readers why Secret Service really cancelled X-fest.

Yes, Dont you see the "X" near my crotch, I was really hoping for a "fest" to happen there and now it didn't and adamon, YOU KNOW WHY...because you're part of some kind of rock-n-roll conspiracy thing to keep craig down...so .. er...yeah... and ... um...would someone please have a "fest" near my crotch.

wow....magus....way off base...really...I posted as Gart-Man. What I did was entirely tongue in cheek and if that wasn't apparent in the post, I apologize. Now, PLEASE UNDERSTAND that humor is a valuable lubricant. Especially when it's at the expense of Marc Gartman, a good friend and someone who doesn't take himself so seriously.

Baci, my post was not for you, but for Craig. Sorry for the mix-up. Also, it's a great article.
Cheers -

I'm so sorry to get all in your face...I see now...again plaes accept my humble appologies

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