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From the Photo Archive | Summer 1998


Ten years ago, I was heading toward South Superior when I couldn't help but notice a giant roll cloud eating the sky. This photo is from the parking lot of the Midtown Jubilee grocery store at 2911 Tower Ave. It only shows the edge of the cloud, so you have to imagine it continuing to the left as far as you can see.

Although the cloud was mighty ominous, it didn't bring a noteworthy storm to Superior. There was some heavy rain and lightening, but not the kind of devastation the cloud portended. Cass County was hit pretty good though. Longville got six inches of rain in 45 minutes. Hackensack saw 1.5-inch hail.


Here's one of my favorites of that variety [by Moeview].

wicked shot – nice 'candy van' in the parking lot.

If I remember this storm correctly there was also a lot of hail. I had been hoping for hail damage because I wanted to get my car repainted. So we rushed from South Superior back to Duluth chasing the storm. But alas, I didn't get enough damage to warrant an insurance claim.

JP, you might be confusing this storm with a different storm from the same summer.

It was also in 1998 that a hailstorm ripped through Duluth and damaged a great many cars and homes.

I was watching a movie at the Norshor and was totally unaware of that storm. When I left the theater, the streets were wet and there was lightening out over the lake. The storm was the talk of the town for days, but I was totally oblivious to it when it happened.

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