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"duluthiscool" in "Quigley Down Under"

"Duluth is Cool" in "Quigley Down Under"

So I'm at RT Quinlan's last night doing the usual -- drinking a beer and talking to insane people -- when I glance up at the TV and see our very own Rich "duluthiscool" Narum portraying a soldier in the 1990 Tom Selleck hit, "Quigley Down Under."

How can one man be so multi-talented? I for one am in awe.


Not to mention duluth's own Anthony Tshcann right beside him.

It could be insane is rubbing off on you?!

wait, isn't that Gartman in the background?

you guys need to stop drinking so much at RT's. Wait, that's one of the best things to do in Duluth, my bad. Lol.

Save your money and pay child support is also a good idea

Um, I have no kids, so...

just pay somebody else's child support, then smash a bottle at RT's down by the pool table. They won't care.

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