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Duluth Paparazzi

Perfect Day in Duluth

Nothing major here. I just want my own "Look at my Duluth photo" post that will net one reply.


Who is that?

His thighs are ripped!

Everyone should be so happy. You go photo guy!

Is that the UPS guy?


This is your sixth reply.

It looks like he could have been skipping? And maybe humming a little tune.

a photoshop involving pigtails and a satchel may be required

Charlie Bell wouldn't have looked nearly so good in the official MayorShorts.

pigtails, a satchel, AND... liederhosen.

He's off to look at the Canal Park sewer system.

Damn, every time I see Mayor Donny or one of his family members skipping down my humble street, it makes me happy.

But holy crap, not THAT happy!

G'day Truman Bubank!

G'day Truman Burbank!

I am continually amazed by the amount of hero worship for this guy.

i said it before and i'll say it again:


I wouldn't call it hero worship, but when you've lived here through the Fedo administration (crook) and the Doty administration (mean God Squad-der) and the Bergson administration (a few good ideas but crazy as a loon), Donny and his picture perfect family give me a huge political woody.

Besides, they live on my street in a sorta crappy part of town.

I'm not going to deny the fact there's a fair amount of hero worship on this board for the mayor. The fact that a large number of us on here actually know him contributes to it I'm sure. Plus GFNC makes some very good points. But here's the problem...in this instance isn't everyone making fun of him? Granted it's good natured and all but I hardly see how this particular post qualifies as hero worship. I mean god forbid we have one local forum where Don Ness isn't demonized 24/7. Perhaps you should stick to the DCB and DNT if you're only comfortable hearing opinions from people who view Idi Amin and Pol Pot as slightly less evil than Don Ness. Or at least save your little bon mot for a thread that would actually qualify as hero worship.

"Seeing Don Donny skipping down my street always makes me happy" and "Don Donny and his picture perfect family" are the examples of hero worship I'm referencing. He's just a guy.

Danny, I would be happy to see YOU skip down my street, OK?

And I am guessing you are not the most astute receiver of satire...

GFTNC: If you were being sarcastic, then I really am sorry. I can be an ass sometimes.


I suspect your social skills are lacking, as well.



That's what I get for admitting I was wrong about something, I guess.

That guy is my hero.

Right now I am worshipping that man. I worship him. I am worshipping him. He is my hero and I worship him.

scotth wins.

Actually, Danny, I am one of your fans. You have moxie! And you ARE quite gracious when you are wrong.

And I've been called worse than an ass.

leiderhosen, people. leiderhosen.

I still think my photo would have been more effective if he was giving devil horns with his big smile.

Oh well. I'll take what I can get.

danny, not to stir the pot as it were, but i suppose you could tag "hero worship" to the sitch if a pretty fair chunk of people on here didn't grow up with the guy. you forget, we're in a super small big city. but a lot of these people have known each other since kidergarten. That coupled with the fact that he's ultra accessible (read: he doesn't run and hide when he's not at the office like a good number of the square saltines and stuffed shirts that've been at the helm in years past.), it's a no brainer.

it's no different to the attention that we direct at the one we call Gartman.

would you rather have a mayor that's heard and not seen...or seen and heard?

just sayin'.

the whole thing's a joke. really.

I grew up with the guy too. Went to high school with him and graduated with his brother. Means nothing.

here is what sucks about donny being mayor, if anything. you can never be introduced to someone you're meeting for the first time but happen to know is donny's old buddy from way back and be like, "hey, we know someone in common, donny ness" because it already used to be that "everyone" knew donny but now really EVERYONE-everyone knows donny and when you try to say you sort of have a mutual friend you just sound like a name-dropping ass. i totally did that, and it was so embarrassing when i realized how dumb i sounded. so that "he's just a guy" thing might be true, except to everyone else, it's so not.

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