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D/S GLBTAQI Pride starts this Thursday

2008 DuluthSuperior Pride logo1.JPG


Bummer - I have a board meeting so I can't be your bartender at the mayor's reception/Depot.
Tip those fabulous bartenders that will be of service!

you will be missed lady!

Hwy I hope the reception doesn't conflict with Mr. Obama's speech in Denver!!!!

The Mayor's Reception runs from 5-8. I haven't really found any concrete time for Obama's speech posted anywhere. They say sometime between 6-9, and there's 8 other speakers scheduled. My guess the earliest he would come on would be 9pm.

GREAT RECEPTION! Thanks to the organizers, you put on a great party. I had a blast, and saw most of the coolest people in town. Didn't see any floating pink penises though.

so sad i'm missing dspride this year.

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