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Don’t be ridiculous


I’m sure as that storm rolled through just before noon there might have been something resembling rip currents at Park Point, but by 3 p.m. the water was as calm as it’s ever been. Warm, too, which doesn’t happen often.

The signs stayed up into the night. Families kept showing up at the beach and wondering if they should go home, even though conditions were obviously perfect for swimming.

After I assured one set of parents that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of, they let their son wade up to his belly button, then got paranoid and screamed at him to come closer to shore. The kid had to be at least 11 years old.

I was at the beach five years ago when there was a death due to rip currents, so I know how dangerous they are and I don’t take them lightly. Having that sign up when there's no threat, however, kind of defeats the purpose. It teaches people to ignore the sign.


Maybe someone pooped on the beach?

The rip current sign is always there... the "unsafe" part may or may not have anything to do with rip currents. Could be a lazy ass life guard who didn't want to work so left the unsafe sign up.

T'was the witch of November come stealing.

I was down there last weeknd, the parking lot was full, the beach was lined up with people for a mile. The sign still said unsafe. Not changing the sign is doing a disservice to the community.

Instead, they should have a sign explaining what rip tides are, how to located them, and what to do if you're caught in them.

I pooped in the lake. Sorry.

no one reads the news?

I'm only assuming this is the beach in said picture... The Rip Tide sign is just a general warning, not the reason for the closure.

J, the beach that the news article refers to is on the HARBOR side of Park Point.

My photo is of the LAKE side of the point. That side does not have problems with fecal bacteria levels.

Is it still there? And does that mean when the sign is up it's illegal to be in the water, or just a general warning that it may not be safe?
I've gotten stuck in a rip tide once at Park Point, I was on my surf board at the time so it was actually kind of helpful to get taken out to the waves I wanted to be at, haha. I'd never been in a rip tide before, but other than the fact that the sand wasn't shallow there like it is at the rest of the beach, it didn't seem to be moving all that fast or dangerous. Maybe I just hit it in it's less dangerous beginnings?

I think the sign is just a general warning. I am not sure if they can actually make it illegal to swim. How would they enforce it anyway? Swimming in the waves is dangerous and one should know what they are doing before attempting it.

We all poop in the lake everytime it rains.

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