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Cool Vintage Sign

pancake small.jpg

My husband found this wonderful wooden sign while mowing the lawn at the Our Lady of Mercy rectory where we live. Any ideas on how we could fix it? It's ripped apart and also badly bowed - I taped it from behind for this photo.
We're currently drying it out in our garage and would love to glue it back together and display it in the dining room. Barring that, is there a "rolling pin" tool in photoshop to flatten it out so I might make a poster?


Maybe try getting it really wet again, and pressing it between 2 sheets of plywood?

I'd think that would flatten it out, and then let the thing dry for a while and see what happens.

You might have to steam it, though how to keep the crack together properly may be problematic.

If you just want a poster, and this is supposed to be vintage, you could just leave the pic as is. You could maybe leave the real thing as is, too. It might be worth something :o

Photoshop>Filter>Lens Correction


Thanks all. I will try the wet board and also the photoshop techniques. I appreciate the responses.

someone advocated water boarding? It doesn't work! I know.

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