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Commie Soccer in Duluth

One certainly finds odd things when searching for Duluth on various Web sites. For instance the audio clip below found on archive.org is a bit about communist soccer players in Duluth.


This commentary is hilarious. The poor reporters from MPR showed up to Chester Bowl in the summer of 2003 to find that only I and Adam had shown up for our weekly soccer game. It's too bad that we were never able to organize a game against any other local political organizations (or even get enough folks to form a proper team for that matter). Nonetheless it was pretty fun while it lasted.

Interesting that the Comintern failed to inform me there was a Commie Sporting Association.

It's stuff like this that really makes me miss Duluth. What could be more fun than anarchists playing soccer?

Andy, it's great that you are a reader of the blog. It's especially fun to find oddities online and get to hear a bit more about it from the source.

I honestly couldn't tell if the piece was satire or real. I got the most delight out of the bit about keeping track of score.

i miss Chris Julin (that's the reporter).

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