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As seen in St. Paul




Cute & cozy...

Using that picture in this way is a cheap shot. McCain would give him a man-style slap on the upper back if he could raise his arms that high. He lost that ability from injuries he sustained in service as a Navy pilot and by being denied medical treatment as a prisoner of war for five-and-a-half years in North Vietnam.
I'm not saying that he should get a free pass to be president because of that experience, but I think the Democratic Party can win this election taking a higher road.

Maybe the Democrats should use the same high road that the Repugs will use until November 4th.

Not change, but love, sweet love. That's what the Republicans represent. Damn hippies.

This seems to show McCain with his arm at a "man-style slap on the upper back" height. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

I didn't see that picture as having anything to do with McCain's injuries. Come on! It's time to let what the man was subjected to 40+ years ago stay in the past. It does not give him a pass on his sorry record on veteran's issues. I think showing he and Bush in an embrace tells a story that needs to be told. Do you really want 4 more years of this war, economy, and destruction of the Constitution?

"Come on! It's time to let what the man was subjected to 40+ years ago stay in the past."

So the slavery thing shouldn't be brought up anymore. Good to know. hehe

Did someone in the race use to be a slave?

man, and I thought I knew these people.

I find it amusing that McCain is resorting to the victim card.

Looks like some man love to me, with McCain *kissing* Bush's shoulder. Yum.

That is quite a hug and McCain's face is awesome. Is anyone else as angry as i am about Norm Coleman's attack adds? Republicans are shameless.

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