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17 Sandwich Decrease Monday May Cause Closure of Downtown Erbert & Gerbert's


And since we're on the topic, why does Erbert & Gerbert's in Duluth uses delivery vehicles with Wisconsin plates?


Immigrant workers: It's very common these days.

1. The driver lives in Wisconsin.
2. Wisconsin license fees are lower.
3. Wisconsin rules.

Won't someone think of the CHILDREN? Erberts & Gerberts "just about saved my life" when I was a young child and "needed to get away from my much-too-boisterous family". Erberts & Gerberts MUST remain open.

I call for a windfall-profits tax on hotdog vendors.

Pistoffnick -- you are an ass.

Actually, Pistoffnick, you're not just an ass -- you are a troll. Why don't you troll back to DCB where you came from?

got one o them "troll" signs for around my neck too claire?


ya need to cool yer jets there sister.

Consider yer goat got.

If by ass, you mean beast of burden, then, yes, I am an ass for letting the leeches suck my hard work away.

If you mean that I am an unsavory, insensitive lout for not buying your hyperbole about the life saving aspects of the library, well, I guess that is true too.

BTW, I certainly didn't come from DCB.

If you like the library that much (and I do like the library though I can't quite claim that it has saved my life nor cured me of syphillus)why not consider opening your own branch completely funded by your own donations? I know, I know, its much easier to cloak your parasitic desires in the banner of "for the children".

Tell you what, I'll worry about the fruit of my loins, you worry about yours? Deal?

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