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Your Geek Culture Update - The Finnish Edition

As we celebrate Finnish culture let's give a shout out to those geeky Finns who well deserve a Geek King Seal of Approval.

Finland ranks #1 in both Technological Achievement and Vacation Days. (The U.S. ranked #2 and #45 respectively.) So them Finns aren't just geeks, they are well rested geeks with plenty of time for making fan films...

And they're smart too. Finland ranks #1 in MENSA members per capita.

geekfinnishMP.jpgAnd they elect geeks to their parliament as well. Check out Jyrki J.J. Kasvi (pictured right) of the Green League. His website has Finnish, English, and Klingon translations.

This has been a special Finnish edition of Your Geek Culture Update. Keep sending geeky suggestions to me. I love 'em.

This concludes this special royal announcement.


Finns are a lot of fun to party with too. They know how to have a good time -- those saunas are pretty cool, too.

Don't forget about the Findians. We plan to represent at Finn Fest! For example local Findian Lyz Jaakola's band will be opening for Indigenous.

I had forgotten about this but Charlotte reminded me that Finland also boasts the only weekly news broadcast in Classical Latin.

My grandparents lived on the Swede-Finn border. I'm a fan of language, but I still didn't know they could communicate considering the linguistic differences. The base of those two are almost completely different.

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