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whacko fundies boycott mickey d's

ronald mcdonald.jpg
compliments of the (cough) american family associtation. (spit)
check it out here-be sure to read the super christiany comments section but don't try to add any. they moderate their batshittery heavily.


That is more disturbing than many things I have seen. And the dumbest boycott since that french fries, freedom fries nonsense

I've been sucessfully boycotting McDonald's since 2004 now. I am not a fundie, have nothing against homosexuals, and don't believe that I'm a wacko. I just happen to think that their food f'n sucks, and boycott based on that principle.

Only crazy people who use the term "homosexual agenda" actually think the homosexual agenda exists...
When do I get my double-headed dildo Happy Meal toy?

I'm not sure who's dopier. These people or the Loaves & Fishes people protesting the Air Show. About dead even, in my opinion.

fiat accompli for them, until tomorrow. You have to admit, these MacD people are really smart. The Microsoft of the real estate business.

Didn't bother following the link but I'm all for boycotting McDonalds. And bravo to L&F, but I've already been through that on DNT.

I don't support that boycott or the AFA, but calling something an "abomination in God's nostrils"? Yeah, that's pretty cool. Ironic1 -- is does that even make sense?

I also like how some of the commenters refer to their "small family of nine". Umm ...

"I am amazed that McDonald's is not supporting Habitat for Humanity or children's literacy or something NONcontroversial. Shame on you and know that my grandchildren and friend's children and I will not longer visit any of your establishments. Barbara Jones, Florida"

Somebody needs to march this dumb bitch down to one of the many Ronald Mcdonald Houses around the country. Or maybe they turned those into havens for heavily oiled man bodies grinding to the latest techno tunes. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to the.........HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA!!!!!!!!

this little tidbit is found in comment #17...

"Promotion of Sodomy underscores all that is decent, good, and pure in a society."

zra, clearly those people aren't using enough lube.

ahh, should have guessed right off. after all, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

cork1 - i think they are totally pissed because their utereses have been genetically super sized via mcdonalds cheesburgers and fries and they can no longer mass breed their ilk:
"We also realize you used to have values. What happened. We will no longer visit your outlets. No more McDonalds. We have 10 children and 27 grandchildren. None of which will go to McDonalds again. Sorry you have taken this avenue in business."
check. the gay agenda is finally working.....now about those pesky dandilions....and how can i get a gay wii. doogla?

^oops-that was me up there^.

"We have 10 children and 27 grandchildren. None of which will go to McDonalds again."

yeah, these are the posts that get me...unless your kids and grandkids are indoctrinated to your hapless intolerant prejudice, how can you speak for them...? just think of what my life would be like if i had listened to my grandmother when she ordered me to get rid of all my "rock music albums."

also...given that 10% of the population is gay, one of your kids and TWO (almost three) of your grandkids is gay. okay...27 grandkids. 2 gay ones and one who's either bi or transgendered.

I agree, zra, but people will always say something like "We're not that type of people, and we don't give birth to those type of people". It does, unfortunately, crack me up how close-minded such a person can be.

I guess that includes myself a little bit sometimes (about other things).

My grandmother forced me to eat cottage cheese, btw. Maybe that makes me a good lover, lol. Whoa, that was just terribly nasty (in tiny honor of G. Carlin).

It seems that the majority agrees -- me too -- that to avoid food for skewed personal affectations is just silly.

I'll be honest, though. I still don't like the general corporate McDonald's ploy of taking over the world :)

I seem to have lost my copy of the gay agenda. Can anybody help me out?

I don't remember there being anything on there about scaring families at McDonald's. Not that I haven't done that a couple of times. But it was an accident.

Don't ask, don't eat.

cork1, re: nostrils of God

It's an interesting and evocative phrase, isn't it?

Biblically speaking there is nothing that links the almighty nostrils of the most high with fragrant abominations.

Typically "nostrils" in the Old Testament are described as a repository for the breath of life, which is a blessing, not a curse.

David, in 2 Samuel 22 and in Psalm 18, describes poetically the nostrils of God being active in the creation of the world, with breath from them driving back the seas to let dry land form and so on.

In Job 4 one of Job's friends tries to counsel Job (badly) by saying the innocent never perish and invokes the almighty nostrils of the divine saying that they only slay the wicked. But this friend is discredited so I wouldn't lay much stock in his speech.

Other than that, nostrils belong to mortals who depend on breath to live.

I couldn't find any texts where "abomination" was paired with the words any of the following words: nostril, nostrils, smell, odor, stench, aroma, or fart

That said, when you search for "abomination" and "nostrils" on Google you get a lot of hits in just the way this person phrased it. Having done a little research this phrase seems to link itself with an alternate meaning of the Hebrew word "toebah," which is usually translated as "detestable" or "abomination," but it can also mean "stench."

Apparently, from what I can see, some have used this more visceral meaning to promote the idea that an "abomination" is something that stinks to high heaven, or more poetically, a stench in the nostrils of God.

Now, that said, I can find a reference to this phrase as far back as the 1700s in a sermon by my pal John Wesley (founder of Methodism), but he uses this phrase to describe religion that is disconnected from grace, mercy, and transforming love.

There's irony for you.

Okay, you asked a professional and this is what you get.

Thanks! That [sort of] clears things up. It's kind of like stinging nettles on the legs of God that you had to do all that research simply because I was too lazy to go on Google, though.

I eat research for breakfast. It was fun and illuminating for me so no problemo.

i have finally obtained a copy directly from the Head Homosexual.
magus, please try and get on board ASAP.

6:00 am Gym
8:00 am Breakfast (oatmeal and egg whites)
9:00 am Hair appointment
10:00 am Shopping
12:00 PM Brunch

2:00 PM
1) Assume complete control of the U.S. Federal, State and Local Governments as well as all other national governments,
2) Recruit all straight youngsters to our debauched lifestyle,
3) Destroy all healthy heterosexual marriages,
4) Replace all school counselors in grades K-12 with agents of Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels,
5) Establish planetary chain of "homo breeding gulags" where over-medicated imprisoned straight women are turned into artificially impregnated baby factories to produce prepubescent love slaves for our devotedly pederastic gay leadership,
6) bulldoze all houses of worship, and
7) Secure total control of the INTERNET and all mass media for the exclusive use of child pornographers.

2:30 PM Get forty winks of beauty rest to prevent facial wrinkles from stress of world conquest
4:00 PM Cocktails
6:00 PM Light Dinner (soup, salad, with Chardonnay)
8:00 PM Theater
11:00 PM Bed (du jour)?

Thanks for the theology lesson.

I've always been wary of the gay agenda but, as a straight guy, #5 kinda turns me on, I'd happily be over-medicated if we could skip the artificial part of the insemination.

I wish the these fundamentalist wackos would not bother boycotting McDonalds and would instead boycott California, so airfares there would go down and the traffic all over that state wouldn't be as god awful.

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