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Storm sailing yesterday

This video was shot yesterday evening just outside of Cornicopia on the way to Bayfield.
All made it safe and sound.
Warning some F-bombs are dropped but for good reason.


Did you guys survive? Where's the rest of the video? What happened? I saw those clouds last night outside Washburn....crazy!

Storm chasers near Bayfield? I had no idea :)

All the crew on board drowned. This video washed up on shore this morning. It was very tragic.

Holy buckets - how close did the waterspout pass in front of your bow? Thank god you had some experienced sailors on board.

I've been on the Lake with some pretty nasty nasty storms on a sailboat.

Glad you made it.

All folks and their four legged shipmates made it to the marina safe and sound.

I'm told [as I missed this trip - drat] that this was just the ramping up to the storm. It got way worse. I should be getting another video of the storm to post soon.

Max [the skipper] just finished getting his Masters Captain's license a month or two ago, I'd say he's quite capable now to handle anything. This was the second storm this boat weathered on the way to Bayfield. The last one I was on board for and it wasn't pretty. Even my dog yacked we getting rocked so badly by the waves.

The NWS issues small craft advisories for a reason. So small craft can go out and try and see the storm, first hand.

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