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Rubber Chicken Finnish Dinner Theater

SHOW ONLY TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE FOR JUST $15.00! Call the Rubber Chicken Hotline at (218) 213-2780!

Enjoy a wonderful Finnish-themed buffet dinner, featuring fresh baked Rye and Finnish Farmer Flat breads, Finnish meatballs, baked fish with lemon dill butter, Finnish Pasties, cucumber/dill sour cream salad, orange raisin cake and raspberry whip for dessert.

Following dinner, it's three one-act comedies by Finnish playwrights, including "Personal Ad" by Edith Koivisto from Hibbing, Minnesota.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Proctor Area Community Center. (100 Pionk Drive, Proctor, MN). Dinner seating is at 6:30pm. On Sunday, dinner seating is at 12noon. The performances follow dinner. Tickets are $30 per person and must be purchased in advance by calling (218) 213-2780.


Pouty Minden cracks me up.

You should see her in the show. That will REALLY crack you up! Toss in Greg, Sharon, Rachael, Nate and Nick and you might have to go to the doctor. (Last night, someone actually had to leave because they were laughing so hard....)

I am going tonight - can't wait!

They left because they were laughing so hard? Really? REALLY? I didn't know that.

Yup, they were literally gagging and had to leave. (They did come back).

So feel proud. You almost killed someone with your humor.

Yay. Well... like I always say... can't spell Slaughter without laughter.

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