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Recent Crime: Hillside vs. Lakeside

[ Hillside ]

[ Lakeside ]

Crimes committed in the last 10 days according to crimemapping.com. Link via the DNT.



Are those ghosts or Mexican wrestlers? And why do they prefer Lakeside?

Obviously they are luchadores. It's a little bit flatter in Lakeside. So when they wrestle, they won't roll down the hill into the lake. I think the grass is softer there too.

notice how Duluth is one of the 6 cities that this service is available? Just like the realtime bus thing. Does someone at google like us? Is there some freakish demographic data that sends creators of these online services to Duluth? BTW all those luchadores are within .5 of Big House Bob's house.

Baci can you tell me more about this realtime bus thing?
It sounds very exciting and spy-like...

I saw the google prius with the camera on top cruising park point the other day.

and the crime thing - you could probably get a similar density if you looked at the rentals in an area (just guessing).

Lakeside is a great neighborhood with no bars... not that I'm opposed to all bars, but they have their place. many police calls involve alcohol or disorderly conduct.

You need to remember two things:

1) The first map includes the downtown area. There are 20,000 people who work downtown.

2) The population density of people living in the Hillside neighborhood is higher also.

(Take a walk in the Lakeside neighborhood in the middle of the day sometime....it's a ghost town.

Take a walk in Central or East HIllside and you will see all kinds of people coming and going.

So, visually it looks bad, but I have been told that per capita it is no different than any other neighborhood.

The Mexican wrestlers are actually theft figures, I guess. Wondering why there are none in the hillside and several in Lakeside.

Just a theory, people steal as much or more in the hillside but ... People in lakeside actually call in burglaries because a) They think the police can do something about it. Or b) They are homeowners and have insurance and need a police report to make a claim for theft. OR c) it could just be the conventional wisdom that people don't steal from people in the hillside because we are "all" very broke whereas in Lakeside "they" have more money and better stuff.


Here's the link to the DTA "webwatch". I've found it to be fairly accurate. I wish they had a RSS feed for routes and stops so I could parse it into a webpage of my own. Anyone have any skinny on why google likes Duluth other than the fact that SF is the DLTH of the west.

Hmmm. Being a Lakeside resident, I happen to know for a fact that this guy lives in the area:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2658860116/

Coincidence? You be the judge.

wow-i have alcohol at my home all the time. oddly-no police calls and it depends on what you deem disorderly. i guess it's because i'm of the caucasian persuasion. oh yeah, and i don't rent.

This is really cool! I haven't had so much fun since Google put out its "Earth" tool, where you can check out addresses all over the world.

baci, they liked the 10k they got from Duluth.

Wow, Ted, if I saw the google Prius, I'd jump up and down on the street and try to get in the picture. How fun.

It's not that Google likes Duluth in this instance. Our participation in the site is directly due to the efforts of the Duluth-Superior Community Foundation, which put up grant money for the project.

If you go to the site, you'll see the legend for the different symbols. The large mask is Burglary. The small mask is
Theft/Larceny. There were actually 4 burglaries in the Hillside during this period, but the symbols are buried under all the exclamation points (which are Disturbing the Peace).

Despite this great disparity, I'd never live in Lakeside. Just sayin'.

I'm with Barrett there. I like living within spitting distance (on a really windy day) of downtown. Lakeside seems so . . . far away from the action. And the bars and liquor stores too.

The problem I have with Lakeside is that there's nothing there but houses. Blocks upon blocks upon blocks of houses. Well, there's Lester Park, which is nice. And a very small handful of businesses. But that's it. I feel trapped out there.

I'll gladly live in the Hillside with its higher crime rate just to have so many things within walking distance.

Which means a person is entering the data in, not a trustworthy robot.

Baci- thanks for the link. Give me a call, would ya?

Beverly - I was driving but I did jump up and down in my seat! Does that make me a geek?

c-freak, lakeside has plenty of alcohol - but not bars.

"oddly-no police calls and it depends on what you deem disorderly. i guess it's because i'm of the caucasian persuasion"

I don't think race has as much to do with it as poverty - do you suggest race is the cause?

I guess I should have said:
'wow, there's no explaining the difference in crime stats, no possible explanation.'

I grew up in Lakeside, bought a house in Lakeside a year or two ago after spending the college years living in the Central Hillside.

Sometimes I sit on my front porch and wish someone would disturb the peace, drink publicly, ANYTHING. Nothing, though. A skate boarder would be pushing it in this 'hood.

c-freak, you have one of those scary red assault symbols a half block from your house.

sheesh roger, c'mon to my front porch during the 2nd and 3rd weeks that school is back in session. You'll get your fix. And yes, I've already set my "notify me of a crime" alerts. The second that Dick Cheney breaks FISA regulations within .5 mi of my house, I'll know about it!

Lincoln Park doesn't look that bad after all. :) I'd like to see this map paired with a map of homes for sale. Anyone tech saavy enough to create that mashup?

I thought the exclamation points were quest givers. I was kind of excited about that. I hope they give phat lewt.

hbh-i know. we read about it but didn't hear or witness it.
ted-i think race has everything to do with the liquor in lakeside debate. i've been at the council meetings when it's been addressed and heard enough people talking about it. the words "those people" and "not in my neighborhood" are code for folks of color.

Lake Aire liquors delivers hooch to Lakeside. Sheez. I just find it convenient that my local liquor store is near my local grocery store. I agree with c-freak, it's definitely a race and class thing. hbh wrote an amazing explanation of the history of why there's no liquor in Lakeside a while back, as I recall.

Is this going to turn into a big debate about the booze in Lakeside thing? Seriously. I really don't think it's a race thing. There are no secret codes among the people against it. Those people include my day-care provider and my wife...neither of whom have some deep-seeded racial fears that allowing liquor to be sold here is going to automatically bring in a bunch of criminal black folks just itching to rape and pillage our neighborhood. Frankly, making that assumtion is incredibly racist and just plain stupid.

I happen to be very, VERY much for allowing the booze to flow in my beloved neighborhood. I've gotten into friendly debates with those opposed and never has even an inkling of "race" shown it's face during hose conversations.

Stupid...just stupid.

Roger, I used to walk the dog carrying an open beer sometimes [true story]. And at our old house near Lester our car was repeatedly entered without authorization ("broken into" would be an overstatement, since we didn't lock it).[1]

[1] For some reason, that never recurred after the night when somebody explored the bag of (soiled) cloth diapers that my wife left on the back seat.

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