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looking for yoga instructor

my employer wants to hold a beginner yoga class twice a month at our office in the hillside. do any PDDers dabble in teaching yoga or know of someone who does? the local yoga places either won't do anything offsite or are pretty pricey. email maria at aicho dot org if you know the sweet hookup.


Nobody teaches Yoda! He is the ultimate jedi in the galaxy.

You can drop me a note and I can get you some information. [email protected]

Try contacting the Duluth Community Ed office. They may be willing to give you the names of some of the instructors who teach through their program. Also, try contacting the Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center at the Duluth Clinic. I know they have done similar "outreach" programs in the past.

Melena from Comfort Zone is an awesome instructor, but I'm not sure if she does off-site yoga (they do off-site massage, so there's a hope).

I like Theresa from the Miller-Dwain Fitness Center

I teach yoga, all levels. Currently I teach at-risk youth for free, and would like to branch out in the community. Email me if you'd like to talk more

My friend Claire teaches, and she lives in the neighborhood. I'm 99% certain she would be happy to work out an arrangement like this. Email me if you want her number.

I forgot to give you my email:
[email protected]

I like the Penn & Teller run on tarot with Danny's link. I've had a similar experience on a bus to a New Year's Eve bash.

The kid that did my reading immediately assumed I was rich and had superficial issues with money because I was dressed fancy for the evening; lots of fun playing that card with him.

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