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Happy Birthday PDD.


PDD is 5 today. Anyone up for a little party? Carmody at 7pm?


I may be willing to take a break from my unpacking around then to excerise some of my newly found "I can walk to anywhere downtown" freedom.

i'm in. wait no i'm out. i'll be there.

I'm down like a clown, Charlie Brown.

I'm there (not literally, but will be in a few minutes... not that anyone there is reading this page right now... oh well, anyway - I'll be there in a bit)!

Is the party still going on? If so, I can be there in 10 minutes.


Starfire had to stop and go buy some new shorts, so the party is just getting started.

Happy Birthday!!! Unfortunately we're moving, so we can't be there...

^ and mowing the lawn!

So, where are the photos?

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