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Gold, Baby!

Before continuing, I should apologize for not being able to find a passable first season with Rex Smith and Marilyn McCoo, but Dionne Warwick should suffice.

Without much further ado, let the painful childhood memories commence:

Sorry Folks...Really.

This, along with Dirty Dancing, American Graffiti, Grease and Grease 2 were my childhood. This is the reason I should be forking out thousands of dollars for therapy.


Crappy music and crappy fashion collide in a craptacular cavalcade of crappiness.

I used to watch that but didn't remember that one of the manic dancers was named Beverly.
I like the very end: "Until then, see you then."

One of my cousins went as a Solid Gold Dancer for just about every Halloween I can remember in the 1980s. Meanwhile I was a chump and kept letting my mom dress me up in horrible clown costumes year after year. Sigh. (Although I suppose the clown suits were more blizzard-friendly than the Solid Gold Dancer getups.)

Beverly, whenever a radio announcer says "see you next week" (which is the typical sign off on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me) my daughter shouts at the radio "No, you won't! This is radio you idiot! I can't see you and you can't see me!"

What a golden age. Pop stars weren't as easy on the eyes back then. Hence need for sexy intermediaries.

Friday night videos was actually my favorite. But only 90 minutes ... you'd have to wait suspend whatever activity, sleepover or other shenanigans were going on to catch it though.

Solid God (if I recall correctly) was on in Duluth AFTER Saturday Night Live, so it was pretty late. I'm guessing that the only people who actually watched "Solid Gold" were kids, like me, that weren't allowed to have cable. I'm not sure (pH) that the sexy or non-sexy pop stars aspect had much to do with it, I think it has more to do with good 'ol fashioned poverty. Solid God was the poor kids' MTV.

They gots thems some wiggly spinal chords!

All in all, only slightly more unnerving than current incarnations... TRL anyone?

...does anyone remember Puttin' On The Hits?

I was an MTV kid from its inception til we moved to the sticks and essentially gave up television in favor of...well...modern frontier life. I think the lack of electricity had at least a little bit to do with it, too. Of course this also neutralized my Atari 2600 and effectively got me into things like...spending time outside.

Guaranteed, when we DID have it (TV), and if there was a bad TV show out there (generally in the Variety Show Genre) my rents were all over it.

To borrow from H.S. Thompson...Solid Gold would be what the whole hip world would be doing if the Germans had won the war. (He was originally talking about Circus Circus...same dif.)

Wow - that was so horribly cheesy awful bad!
I heard that if you worked for Solid Gold, you could choose to get your paycheck in cash or coke - seriously.
It shows.

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