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Free Range Film Festival

2008 poster web.jpg

In less than two weeks time you can watch good movies in a cool barn: www.freerangefilm.com


You can watch foreign movies from directors that can give a shit about this area.

I thought this was a local film festival. Now it is a worldy-reject-all-local-filmmakers festival.

I will definitely not go.

cool poster

I'm sorry you feel that way mevdev. 10 out of the 27 films we're showing are from local directors. It is really hard to fit all of our entries into a weekend so unfortunately we can't show everything that is submitted. Mostly we just want to show some interesting work in an interesting venue.

Well, mevdev, I sure hope someone will be going. Because we've been working like plow horses to find interesting films--from around the area as well as around the world--to share with people who like movies.

Of course, you're always welcome to buy your own barn, convert it into a movie theater, spend hundreds of hours reviewing films and put on your own festival.

But I should probably warn you: Somebody will undoubtedly complain that you're not showing enough local films, or that you're not showing enough documentaries, or that you're not showing enough German mountain films from the 1930s.

And I'll feel really bad for you if that happens.

You are entitled to your own little sundance. Just know when you have your own little channel it will just show shitty films, just like sundance.

When the celebs come running to do their little pro-bono independent film festivals I hope you are happy.

Ok, I relent. I respect your self-aggrandizement and your making your own venue for you films. That is clever.

Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil.
-Niccolo Machiavelli

I'd come if I weren't doing a wedding that weekend. I might be able to make a bit of Friday night after the rehearsal.

And I like your mix between local, regional, and world. My favorite filmmaker from last year was Lyn Elliot from Pennsylvania, and I was impressed that she came and took questions. She rocked the barn.

you could make the Thursday evening too - We added an extra evening this year to tie into Finn Fest - we're showing "Alaska Far Away" and "Pond Hockey" that night. The filmmakers for Alaska Far away will be there - its a really interesting doc about Midwesterners sent even farther north as part of FDR's New Deal. And, yeah, Lyn Elliot is dynamite.

No amount of hard work will ever eliminate the need for some people to get pissed off and trash it. Especially if it is a creative endeavor that is such an obvious labor of love as is this festival. This goes to Barrett's recent discussion about people who come to web forums with an axe to grind and little that is actually coherent and civil to say.

But you don't see anyone attacking the ONE company that owns all of the other working movie screens for thirty miles in every directions ... That might be a corporation that deserves a little prodding, unlike the Free Range Folks who are obviously trying to do something for filmmakers and (let's not forget) film lovers in the area.

I've never been to the festival, but I'm glad its there and maybe this will be the year that I finally make it out. In any event, just because it hasn't been my cup of tea I will certainly NOT trash or berate you for working hard (and I imagine losing a lot of money) to do something special and unique ...

And local.

Hey only a moron wouldn't go to the free range film festival. It's fucking great. If I was in the area I'd go. It was a delightful blend of localism and farawayism the time I went.

Annie & FRFF Folks,

Yea! Can't wait to see what films have been selected this year! I saw the film selections on Friday night last year & they rocked. So much fun & selection & imagination. And the barn was packed with filmgoers: in the hayloft, downstairs & former machine shed. Should be fun this year too.

Thanks for putting this on.

Jesus, mevdev, get over yourself. There is nothing aggrandizing about this festival or the folks who work so hard to put it on. And your little Machiavelli quote is misplaced nonsense. 10 out of 27 films are local. Are you an aggrandized filmmaker who didn't make the cut?

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