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So I just purchased a djembe drum. The only problem is, I have no percussion background, and very little musical background (I played piano for 6 years but was terrible at it). So why did I buy a djembe? Well I thought they looked like fun, I love the sound of drums, and I would love to be able to sit around a campfire with my musician friends and jam out. It may be a lofty goal for someone like me, but anything is possible, right? And if I'm just a natural disaster, it always makes cool decoration.

I've heard it's fairly difficult to learn on your own...and I don't learn well that way anyway. So, does anyone know anybody in Duluth that gives djembe lessons? (another longshot...) Or any other way to learn how to play from the ground up around D-town?


Listen to lots of Slayer records.

lol...i really will miss you.

Jen Jones has been known to play the djembe...otherwise, i play a mean doumbek and ashiko...

...not very well mind you, it's been a while since i've practiced really...might take a while to get my chops back.

in my observation, having no percussion background or musical ability does not preclude one from a drum circle.

Drum circles are an awesome way to learn. There use to be drum circles every wed or thurs at lincon (sp?) park elementary... or some other elementary school... My friend plays, so I'll ask and get back to this post.

first Friday of each month.
open drum circle This drum circle is open to every one Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Local drum guru Marvin Pomeroy gives lessons up at Schmidt Music. He gives hand drumming lessons. I have heard him get amazing sounds from a djembe.

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