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Blast from the past - in more ways than one

Someone posted a video on YouTube a few days ago that features footage from the KDLH and WDIO TV newscasts from the day after the 1988 fireworks explosion:


(my apologies for not embedding the video ... I have no idea how to do that and don't want to mess up the site)

There's footage of the fireworks explosion, of course... but I think getting to watch 1988-era Dennis Anderson and Michelle Lee, and the retro local news graphics, music, etc. is even better.

And, can anyone explain the WDIO station logo that seems to show a Viking staring at a boat and thinking about a paint can?


In 1988, I had the same hairstyle as the reporter reviewing the child psychologist...

Wow, I totally forgot about Marsh Nelson. In '88 I was way to cool to be seen with my family at the fireworks so I stayed home and watched them on tv (much cooler, no?). Before the era of cell phones I could only assume my parents and sister were dead until they pulled up in the driveway 2 hours later.

That should read "too cool" not "to cool". Where's the edit feature?

Thanks for posting this. Any other vintage Duluth clips floating around?

this is the greatest thing I have seen on you tube ... maybe ever.

I could watch hours of Marsh on a loop.

Do not remember the reporter interviewing Dee Plude, but she was apparently quite the babe. As for the hairstyles did anyone else catch the guy with the rat-tail/mullet combo in the KDLH video?

Did it strike anyone else that the news (qualitatively) may have been better 20 years ago. Didn't the reports seem longer with more depth and sources than they do these days?

As for the Viking, he's trying to decide if he wants to paint his boat or not. Newscasts and graphics may have gotten hipper and tighter lately, but I'm really not sure if they are better.

The 80s were a treat to live through, Reagan-Bush and all.

The hideous Viking was an old WDIO logo guy; the walls of the station were covered with original artwork back in the 80's of old versions of him doing things like suntanning on Park Point, skiing at Spirit Mountain, tucking a dollar in to a stripper's g-string at the 'Toga, and buying a bong at Last Place on Earth.

(Not really on the last two, but you get the idea.)

The didn't use the Viking very much by the late 80's but he still popped up insidiously every now and then.

Also: I worked at Pfeifer Hamilton Publishers, who gambled that every man woman and child in Duluth wanted an autobiography of Marsh Nelson so they published one and printed a jillion copies and sold about 4.

So there was a warehouse full of "Marsh!" (which was the title, if memory serves). For awhile they gave them out like party favors at events just to get rid of them and now I think they may be re-processsed into fire logs or something.

But actually, not a bad book and Marsh had/has a very self deprecating sense of humor.

What ever happened to Theresa Bryant?
I remember that night well....babes were too little to take out at night so watched from the balcony. Didn't get to see that explosions from the ground due to the other building's height.

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