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Thank you

To the mysterious stranger who found my paycheck on the lakewalk, and then walked it to my place of employment and gave it to my coworker who left it on my desk: thank you. I would have spent the rest of my summer trying to catch up if I'd lost that check. I probably would have had to sell a kidney, or become a lady of the evening, or something.

I hope that you read the Perfect Duluth Day blog.


Uhhhh, no direct deposit? What are you thinking?

uhh, "Stan," knock it off, eh?

A check? Like, made of paper? How delightfully quaint.

Of course, that being said, I'm very glad that it was found. Someone out there got a nice karma boost.

Aw, that's cool. I'm glad whoever found it did the right thing.

(Stan, there are workplaces that don't offer direct deposit, you know. Like where I work, and lots of other small businesses around here. It's not the end of the world.)

Rich you should let the DNT know, they like tp publish feel good stories like that in the Eh! column. That is one of the coolest things about Duluth -- people are so damn *honest* here!

both times i have lost my wallet in the northland, it has been returned--hundreds of dollars in cash intact. (i didn't even *have* a checking account at the time, and was paid in cash.)

once was in what was the Jubilee parking lot. the other was in the boundary waters.

This is when I was living in Indiana, but I had my bag stolen out of my car one evening with my paychecks in them. I never got my bag back, but my paychecks were mailed back to my place of work with no return address. Strange but true.

Well there goes my plan to make you a lady of the evening. Looks like I'll have to step it up a notch or two!

Here's a friendly west end story for ya...

This January, I left my car running on an exceptionally cold night parked outside my office on 20th ave w and superior st with purse and laptop inside... unlocked... A kid in a ski mask (hindsight 20/20? At -the-time sight Zero!?) was waiting for the bus with a few others when I ran back in to my office for 2 minutes, no kid with ski mask outside when i ran back out of my office. I took note of it, but zoomed onward to get home. I didn't realize until I pulled in to Culvers to grab a bit of dinner that my purse was gone! (That poor drivethru checkout lady)
I practically died with regret - that night I canceled all cards and checking acct, etc...
The next morning -7am- i get a call from my mobile (that was in my purse). I expect it to be some creepy "Scream" type stalker guy telling me how screwed I am, but it's my coworker who opens the office saying my purse was set, zipped up and in tact at the front door, nuzzled behind the "smoker's oasis". EVERYTHING was there except the $15.xx (they even took the pennies). My paycheck, all credit cards, checkbook, house keys, mobile phone... Everything was still there.

Purse snatching with a conscience. I'm still amazed.

I'm delighted to hear stories like these. Life is not all "Hard Copy" fodder.

I did get my car broken into once and one of the items taken was my "Practice Random Acts of Kindness" book. I hope they read it.

I was walking down the street in Philadelphia once in the mid-80s. A kid grabbed my purse and ran away. I chased after him. A bunch of people who happened to be around also took off after him from all directions. He tried to run across the street and almost got hit by a SEPTA bus. He looked over his shoulder, saw a bunch of people headed by a very short and pissed off woman closing in on him, thought it might not be worth it (purse had my first ever credit card in it, not much else, I was a poor recent college grad) -- and threw the purse on the ground. I got everything back and my faith in human beings was renewed. Maybe just my faith in Philadelphians was renewed.

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