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See You On the Island


And shut the fuck up the butt.


Don't forget the Listerine.

Oh wait, on second thought ...

Big Bay State Park

See you there! Will we be meeting at our traditional rendevouz? Among the birch, beneath the owl's cove? Shall I bring the mead and maiden's? I am atwitter at the thought.

No, Big Bay TOWN Park. I used to work at the state park; there is a cabin atop the left bank at the lagoon mouth (just outside the photo) which is where I lived for 3 summers. You can't ask for much more paradisical digs.

Also, a picture from above-left, facing 180 degrees was the cover of the 2003 Wisconsin official state road map, fyi. I have one. Vintage.

mmm...whiskey tree.

Hall of Jack...Butt Rock fire... marshmallow fight... Grand Theft Llama....big blue tarp... straightjackets... broken bones....

"Gandooolf ... Gaaaandooolf ..."

I'm not going unless someone picks me up. I'll pay for the ferry or the gas; not for both. These are my terms.

If I'm not there I'll put a curse on the island and everyone will wake up with ticks in their butts.

Shoot em in the ass on the down stroke.

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