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Okay, So They're No Blue Oyster Cult But...

According to Pollstar, Cracker is playing the Head of the Lakes Fair on July 25th. I went to see if it was on their Web site and found this amusing blurb.


cracker and the head of the lakes fair are the shit!

Awesome. But I beleive that there could be Vikings in Superior WI.

te he! Cracker is funny. And I like that Low song. I miss the Head of the Lakes Fair.

Are they the ones who sing "Eurotrash Girl?" Welcome back to the 90s. It's gonna be a sweet ride for us Gen Exers for awhile now as the Molly Hatchet and Grand Funk Railroad gigs are winding down and we're seeing more Clracker, Collective Soul and other 90s treats on the fair/casino circuit

Oh ... a little update ... just clicked the link for their show the next night in Royalton (of all places) Where the headliners are actually Marshall Tucker Band and ... wait for it ... Grand Funk Railroad. So 70s music fans have nothing to fear their place in beer belly heaven is still secure.

Oh, the HOTL fair, the most mulletiest mulletfest ever. I saw Charlie Daniels one year for $4, then Cheap Trick the next for $5. Sweeeeeet!

I seen Cracker ten years ago when they opened for the Smashing Pumpkins. Best part of the show you ask? The accordian with flames painted on it. \m/

Cracker opened for the Grateful Dead at Autzen Stadium (Eugene, OR) in...1994.

Heard 'em. Didn't make it in to see 'em.

I was at the Eugene Oregon show in 1994 and if my memory holds cracker did a cover of "Loser" by the dead in their set. Takes a lot of balls to cover the Grateful Dead while opening for the Grateful Dead

Cracker will always be a side project. Camper Van Beethoven is the real deal.

i think i remember that (cracker's "loser" cover) was a small point of controversy floating around Shakedown.

Did ya ever see the Dragon? Furthur?

Man, I couldn't find anybody to go see BOC with me [1], and couldn't quite manage to convince myself to go alone. Sigh.

[1] Perhaps this should be a sign.

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