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How in the world I got started on this is anyone's guess...BUT...I started out looking for k'nish recipes, (mainly because I'm all about the pastries. If I'm not eating pastries, I'm thinking about them) and found my way around to checking out some rather amazing looking Japanese pastries.

Other than being horrendously yummy, what the two have in common remains to be seen, but I ask you:



I think so.

Minamoto Kitchoan on 49th St and 5th Ave in NYC serves up these lovely treats.

I've had Japanese pastries before, but nothing to this degree. As usual, they are accompanied by the attention to aesthetic form and detail that the Japanese are well known for.


I think I'd prefer a few dozen of these.

(Also, not being able to post images in the comments is laym.)

Cake is happy medicine.

Immediately following Starfire's post on pushups... well played.

Call me a culinary philistine, but those just look to me like... square pieces of cake on cool plates. I guess the sense of aesthetic form and detail is rendered more fully when you munch them down.

When I fantasize about dessert, it's something custard: flan, white and black, tres leches, creme brulee, even a little spotted dick: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Spotted_Dick_Wikimeet_London_2005.jpg

You're a culinary philistine.


What? She told me to! And it was fun!

Is spotted dick happy medicine?

Oh my, yes.

Although I believe the spots are currants, which I could live without.

And I still maintain: square cake is square cake.

I agree this is simply glorified cake. Maybe "pastry" means something different in Nihon.

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