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I want to believe

Like some of you (especially transplants from a warm environment), I went through the "why the fing is there still snow" depression a couple months ago. One of the things that got me through was watching the first few seasons of The X-Files. Then The X-Files movie brought me through a bad scenario: "Trust No One."

Apparently because of my my self absorption and trust of no one, I completely was unaware that a new X-Files movie was not only filmed, but will be in theaters this summer.


Holy wow! You aren't alone in being unawares.... thanks for this!

Yes! I knew about this and cannot wait until it is in the theaters! I have been waiting for years! Still disappointed about what they did to the Lone Gunmen. They were the best!

I was seeing a movie at the mall of america and walking down the long cattle shoot to get to the theater and the X-Files movie poster stopped me in my tracks. I had a couple people run into me from behind who were obviously not feeling the love.

Do they feel that an ad campaign would be...conspiratorial?

Ahhh... summer of 1997... falling in love with a boy who loved renting the X-Files on vhs. Walks to the video stores, hand in hand. Eating microwave popcorn, cuddling with my boy on the flip out foam coach in my dorm room, mentally preparing myself for the nightmares that would come due to the lack of appropriate ability to separate reality from fiction. Mulder and Scully had nothing on our sexual tension! Oh, yeah. Those were the days! Now... more than 10 years later, my boy and I will just have to hire a babysitter and relive the glory days!

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