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Fresh Duluth Documentary

fresh duluth



I doubt that many of the regulars of the DCB are going to like this, but I thought this special was pretty damned good.

It would be nice if there really was a website called freshduluth.com, though.

Yeah, the DCB crowd does seem to hate happy, intelligent, successful Duluthians who care about our community.

The web site is working now. Apparently, they just didn't get it up quickly enough.

Very nicely done! I'll be buying the video.

Even though I live in Duluth, I have a "not so fresh feeling" today...

Rebecca...how are you seeing this website?

I thought the show was really well done. I've seen some of the footage on Provideo's HD screen and it is unbelievably rich and vibrant - last night's broadcast version looked more washed out - but still really nice.
Not sure if the DVD will be in HD, but I hope so.
Congrats to Tom and Jack and everybody else involved with that project. That was lots of work.

It seemed the show ignored anything west of Canal Park, but overall a good production. It wasn't meant as a comprehensive docu on Duluth, warts and all, but concentrated on what does keep/draw people here; something the DCB crowd has already officially decried. I think they could have easily expanded it to an hour and included more details, but perhaps the budget didn't allow that.

What bugs me about the "DCB Crowd" (as you call them)in this instance is that I saw this special as pretty pro-business and did not focus on governement programs. It was very optimistic. I'm a pretty right-wing sort of guy and I saw this as a very well done, highly polished film showing the sort of things that like-minded people should be celebrating.

Nicely done and certainly highlights some of the good parts of our city.

My favorite part was when Tom said something like Duluth without Lake Superior was "Sonny without Cher." With a straight face.

That and during the Q and A when Terry Mattson said "It's not really a documentary, it's actually more of a 'masterpiece'"

Plus there was a little Rod Raymond lovefest that I thought was amusing, but it was probably right up his alley and he seems like a nice man so ...

All in all, I refuse to hate on it. For one thing it was really beautifully filmed and I bet it will help the community's big employers bring in some new people and that is very nice all by itself. Way to do something different even if it isn't exactly my cup of tea I am glad to see people creating and being positive.

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