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Colight Light Table


I'll be moving my office and sadly won't have room for my beloved old school Colight Light Table, a relic from the days graphic designers used Xacto knives much more often than keyboards and mice. Great work surface whether you use the light or not.

36" x 50" top, stands 36" high. Excellent working condition. Alas, original glass is long gone, but plexi replacement works great.

$35, but buyer must pick up.

contact me at info [ @] x-communication [dot] org


Cripes, that thing just won't die, will it?

If only I knew what my living situation would be after July 1st. Would beat the hell out of holding my negatives up to a light to assess them.

The old Ripsaw light table!!! Oh my God!!! Another chance to get nostalgic about things that happened just eight years ago!!!

Between that light table, a staff of six, and random vagrants dropping in, there was barely enough room in the Ripsaw office at Temple Opera to smoke a joint without setting one of the various dogs on fire.

But seriously, that light table is awesome. I almost want to buy it even though I have no practical use for it whatsoever.

The dogs used to hide under the light table or directly in front of the door, so there was rarely a risk of setting them on fire.

Dibs! I can pick up. That thing is going to look great with a lit-from-below action figure diorama on it.

Shoot! Are you sure you want it, Professor? I could really use that for cutting gels.

Rats - I got hosed. Already snapped up.

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