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2008 Health Code Violations


It's that time of year again. One year later, the Duluth New Tribune has reported on all the health violations of area restaurants, complete with a fun, interactive map of all the restaurants and their violations.

Find your favorite place and prepare to be grossed out. Or pleasantly surprised.


Had considered posting this earlier this morning, but kinda hoped one of yous'd beat me to the punch and do a better job at a graphic representation.

Thanks, Barrett...

Anyhow...I went through the list pretty thoroughly and...wow, I had no idea there were so many Chinese joints in town...can't swing a dead cat without hitting one it seems.

Found it interesting that for a place that has a rep for being run by hippies (insert snide quip here), the Amazing Grace didn't appear on the list.

Having worked at the Amazing Grace, I too found it very interesting that it didn't appear on there...

or a dead... dog. Sorry sorry.

Actually I'm glad the DNT does this.

My favorite:

Sammy's Pizza
1309 Tower Ave
Shelving needed to be repaired; a pair of ducks were kept in the basement; raw meat was stored above ready to eat food

not knocking the Grace...really...they serve gallons of my coffee and serve the best damned pancakes on this side of the planet.

Yea, but have you seen what's behind the counter? ;)

you've never seen my kitchen, have you?

They must be doing something right. I heard that a few years ago things weren't the neatest...but I think Chip has taken a keener interest in keeping the health department off his back.

Actually, Uncle Louis on 4th Street has got the best pancakes in town, Zra. However, I am very glad that AG serves gallons of your coffee. I'm also very happy that Speedy Wienie did not make the list of violators. Speedy Wienie has never had a major citation actually ... well, if you don't count the NorShor "sink empties into a bucket days," that is. I'm surprised they didn't fix that yet!

I'm a little suspect when Sara's Table and Nokomis have more health care violations than the Anchor. When I read some of what constitutes a "critical" violation (i.e. employees not washing hands vigorously enough), the determination that the Anchor had none of these makes me believe some dirty money has exchanged hands.

The violations are hilarious! Using lotion instead of soap!?! Storing raw meat on the floor! Not washing hands vigorously enough?!

Interesting that you bring up the Grace. My dad used to do maintainence at the Dewitt-Seitz building and he told me that he constantly had to harp on Chip to move bags of flour and other dry goods off of the floor in the storeroom because there were mice chewing holes in the bags. I've never eaten there since. Also, he didn't think that the health department ever checked the storeroom since it was in a seperate place in the building. Bleh.

La la la la - I can't hear you (hands on side of my head). If I know too much, I'll stop eating out altogether & then someone will do an investigative report on supermarkets and co-ops and I'll have to have an intervenous drip.

Hell's Kitchen is cleaner than Mother's Kitchen.

Wow, I could give so many horror stories, but it would probably start a huge big drama...
Let's just say that I remember from my time there, a health inspector came in and wrote up a list of faults that covered both sides of the form and had a "be clean or closed by date".
We were all freaked out because we thought we were going to loose our jobs. Chip saw this list and laughed.
The night before the inspection, everyone who wasn't on the morning shift was in there cleaning all night long. Somehow they actually managed to get enough done to stay open.

And yea, The Anchor passing inspection?? I think the health inspector was too afraid to check out the kitchen.

I used to work for a county health department in the same division as the person who had to go out and do the restaurant inspections. She was handy to have around at lunchtime. "Wanna try that Chinese buffet on Main?" "...I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Wow, I am disturbed. I got the worst food poisoning of my life a few years ago from the Golden Inn after wolfing down a bunch of cream cheese wontons. I still can't eat those damn things.

Regarding IV drips... Lucie, have you ever heard of staff infection?

Security is an illusion. I'm going to eat out boldly. Bring it on!

I've suffered food poisoning from eating at at sarah's table/chester creek cafe/taran's marketplace" several times. Never once have I gotten sick eating at the Anchor.

Just sayin'....

Personally, I think *most* of these violations aren't that big of a deal. Every place is going to have some. We do have something called an immune system, which grows stronger the more it is used.

It also seems to me that smaller places have a lot less going on than places like Nokomis, and would therefore be likelier to pass. Besides, if the Anchor cleaned their grill, the burgers would suddenly taste horrible. It's like when you clean your coffee pot. (Don't ever do it!)

This one cracks me up, especially because the employee apparently wasn't aware of the inspector.

"Number of non-critical violations last year 2 (including an employee stirring a 5 gallon bucket with his arm)"

I've gotten the worst food poising of my life--down and out for three days--from the Amazing Grace (no meat in my sandwiches from now on, thanks). And pretty bad food poising from the Scenic Cafe (no more ahi tuna).

i got sick every time i ate at the anchor, sometimes within 20 minutes. never, ever again. i rarely eat ground beef-with the exception of white castles.

I was eating at the China Cafe the day this came out last year. Their violations were bad and I nearly ralphed that afternoon after reading the last years post about this. I'm so glad they've cleaned up their act because I've missed them so. Welcome back China Cafe ... welcome back.

tony d., adam, et al. I would be careful as to who you accuse of giving you food poisoning. The shortest incubation period for any of the major food borne illnesses is 8 hours. It generally takes 1-3 days for symptoms to manifest themselves. That queasy stomach that you got after dining at a trendy eatery could actually have been the result of eating that potato salad yesterday that was in your refrigerator at home that runs at 43 degrees instead of 39.

i'm just sayin'...



nice. my grampa always called it "selling buicks."

of course there's the ubiquitous "calling of the buffalo" or "making a call to Buffalo."

hurl. hork. hunk. chunk. spew.

i think one of the only functions with more euphemisms would probably be sex.

My college roomies referred to it as "calling Ralph on the big white telephone."

I got sick at my college cafeteria. I called it the chicken diet plan: eat chicken once, lose 10lbs.

My new favorite expression is "calling Ralph on the big white telephone."

Ironic: I'm sure you have the right attitude about eating out. It's just a lot of truth in one sitting for this gal.

I don't believe it takes 1-3 days to feel bad after eating. If I eat something I shouldn't, I'm going to feel bad right away. It may not be strictly 'food poisoning' per se, but it still feels awful and hits real quick.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.


The delay between consumption of a contaminated food and appearance of the first symptoms of illness is called the incubation period. This ranges from hours to days (and rarely months or even years, such as in the case of Listeriosis or Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease), depending on the agent, and on how much was consumed. If symptoms occur within 1–6 hours after eating the food, it suggests that it is caused by a bacterial toxin or a chemical rather than live bacteria.

The long incubation period of many foodborne illnesses tends to cause sufferers to attribute their symptoms to "stomach flu."

During the incubation period, microbes pass through the stomach into the intestine, attach to the cells lining the intestinal walls, and begin to multiply there. Some types of microbes stay in the intestine, some produce a toxin that is absorbed into the bloodstream, and some can directly invade the deeper body tissues. The symptoms produced depend on the type of microbe.

Sometimes the stomach can just be pissed off by a certain food for no reason.
I know not to order the chicken at Applebees because my stomach will not play friendly with it. I think it's me, not the chicken that's at fault.

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