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100 Pushup Challenge


About a month ago I started doing pushups every morning with no real goal in mind. Then I found a website called 100 pushups. It is a workout program tailored to whatever level of fitness you are at. If you follow the program you should be able to do 100 consecutive pushups in 6 weeks. Since I have been doing them for a while I jumped in at the 3 week mark and 3 weeks from today I am going to do 100 pushups. Anyone care to join me in the challenge?


But what happens when the squeegee PULLING muscles in your arms fight the newly developing PUSHING muscles?

I think you're askin' for trouble, pal. Get back on the couch before something bad happens.

Count me in. Actually I'm pretty sure I can do 100 pushups already but I haven't actually tried recently.

I'll try it if I can do girl pushups.

I think I could rock out about 10 if I really tried. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

I think I am on board for this. I can do three very hysterical push-ups right now...with 4 PBRs and a few yummy cocktails motivating me. In the morning I bet I can pump out some more decent, uniform ones.
I promise before and after pics, but I need the entire 6 weeks.

i'm down with the program...i'll see how many i can crack out when i wake up in the morning. then go from there.

I'm in. But I'm not telling anyone so when I fail it won't be so embarrassing.

8 pretty solid ones to start with. 10 if you allow for a little slop.

Is there a getlimberenoughtotouchyourtoes.com website? I really need that too.

i think i'm on board, but i'll have to get back to you. i'm just too tired right now. i'll do the push ups when i wake up tomorrow,...well, in the morning after coffee anyway...,actually after work would be better because i can't resist that snooze bar. on second thought, i'm so exhausted and sore after work that doing push ups is the last thing i could do..., maybe later that night? actually, i'll probably have a couple of drinks in me by then to try and dull the pain of my thankless and rudderless vocation..., is it safe to exercise drunk? probably not. wouldn't be a real test of my physical abilities at any rate. maybe next week? no, next week is no good. i'm working those 4 doubles and then i have that thing with my uncle....


I admire [1] this guy myself.


But I can't do more than about 60 pushups in a row.

[1] (Am really afraid of)

In the SAS, apparently they're called "press-ups". Those crazy brits. Or maybe that would be most of the rest of the world :)

Watch your diet and be pious about the training, and I'm sure you're in! By the diet thing, I mean that it is much easier for a triathlete, for example, than the hulk to do press-ups.

I looked at the site and am up to the challenge. I'm pathetically weak so if I manage 50 in six weeks I'll be happy.

This is great-- I'll take the challenge. I can do 15 to start...

yep. i'm in. i can do three girl-pushups right now. i bet that i can do an even dozen regular with proper diet and training!! are you planning on scheduling an official "push-off"?

I'm in, but I'm not going to tell my 15 year old son. That way I can kick his butt in a friendly competition. Also, it just might help for the upcoming curling season.

I'm way the eff out in Seattle, but yeah, I'll take your challenge, buster. PS., Haley Bonar is playing here tomorrow ... what's happening in Duluth? Oh ... sorry ...

ok, how far do you really have to be from the floor on the down part to consider it a TRUE push up? nice photos starfire...

Ok, so I jumped right in at Week 3, Column 2 first thing this morning before work, and I have to say you're an effing lunatic. You're going to kill us both.

I'm always reminded of the early scene in the movie Stripes where Bill Murray's character just BARELY does five pushups on a three dollar bet.

How about a "how many consecutive airplane rides can you give two toddlers" contest? I wish I had the time and energy for this, but I'm afraid it would become a horsey ride and break my back. Those are great pictures, though. Good luck, all!


I wish you luck in your quest raise up in the pecking order. (pun intended)

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