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June 30, 2008

Tischer Creek - Early Evening Light

Taken on Tischer Creek at 7:30pm this evening. Location is about two blocks up the creek from E. 4th Street. Taken with a Canon 5D and a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens at ISO 100, 1 second, f/18 at 16mm. If you ever forget what an absolute paradise we live in here in Duluth, remember that this photo was taken right in the middle of our wonderful city, just four blocks from a shopping center and three gas stations! I saw just two hikers, one with a lovely Golden Retriever, and two friends I knew on their bicycles, while I was there scouting and shooting for two hours. My kind of city park! --Tony

My Morning Jacket - Orpheum Theatre


Hennepin Theatre District

Music at the Minnesota Zoo



June 29, 2008

Wanna kick it OLD SCHOOL?

But seriously-
Just looking for a roommate in the Washington Studios Co-op (of Washington Jr. fame).
Somebody clean-ish & kid(my five-year old girl)-friendly, to share a 3 bdrm.
(2300 sq. feet) apartment with two other dudes.
Rent is $275- thats everything but electric. available immediately.
Oh, and it could just be for the rest of the summer, but its negotiable.
call bob: 218.341.0793

Happy Patriot Week!

Happy Fourth of July!
Cameron Carpenter performing

Your Geek Culture Update - House Decorating

geekkingSOP.jpgSorry this edition of Your Geek Culture Update is so late but your Geek King has been moving this week which got me thinking about home decor for geeks.

trek_apt.jpgLet's start with the extreme. Tony Alleyne of Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK transformed his apartment into a set from Star Trek:Voyager... even the bathroom! Not my favorite series of the franchise, but still impressive.

solo_desk.jpgToo much for you? How about this spiffy Han Solo in Carbonite desk by Tom Spina!?

So, have you undergone any geek home makeovers? Know of any geeky houses or apartments in the area? Do share!

As always, please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

June 27, 2008


The Black Crowes

MN State Fair

Rummage on

A satisfying assortment of guy's and gal's retro clothing, furniture, and '93 Ford Escort Wagons ($300!) will be on sale from 8am-2pm this Saturday and Sunday in the yard at 731 E. 1st St.

Rummage on

A satisfying assortment of guy's and gal's retro clothing, furniture, and '93 Ford Escort Wagons ($300!) will be on sale from 8am-2pm this Saturday and Sunday in the yard at 731 E. 1st St.

Cant wait to see 3D commercials

This is one of the cooler 3D display things I've seen. orginal story in wired

June 26, 2008

God Rocks this weekend!

In case you hadn't heard, "God Rocks" had to change its name due to copyright infringement so it's now "...and on the 7th day, God Rocked." But, either way, it premiers this weekend at the theater of the zucchini.

I saw the rough draft and it was hilarious. Go see it.

You need an apartment? -A really unique oppertunity

odd odd odd copy copy.jpg

Be my new roomy/s so we can bitch about each others dishes and stinky smells. It's an awesome deal an t be liven in the east hillside. It has a campfire in the back, hard wood floors, a bathroom, a kitchen, a washin machine, the works!!
usually $350 per room- no bills
heres what it looks like. http://duluth.craigslist.org/apa/732981953.html

June 25, 2008

38th Annual Park Point Art Fair

Park Point


38th Annual Park Point Art Fair
June 28 and 29, 2008
Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

June 24, 2008

Okay, So They're No Blue Oyster Cult But...

According to Pollstar, Cracker is playing the Head of the Lakes Fair on July 25th. I went to see if it was on their Web site and found this amusing blurb.

June 23, 2008

Into the Woods Jr.


Appearing this week on the stage of the Duluth Playhouse: Cinderella, Jack and the beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Rapunzel, handsome princes, magic beans and more.

The Duluth Playhouse's Youth Repertory Theatre Co. presents "Into the Woods Jr.," which is a children's show based on the Tony-award winning Broadway production with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. It's a musical, it's funny, and the kids have been working hard. It should be a fun thing to take your kids to.

Shows are Thursday and Friday, June 26 & 27 at 7 p.m.
Two shows Saturday, June 28 , at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
One show Sunday, June 29 at 2 p.m.

The Depot, 506 W. Michigan St.
Tickets: $8 for adults, $6 for ages 17 and younger.
Call 733-7555.

George Carlin Dead at 71


Normally, I'm not a fan of these RIP posts, but Carlin's albums helped form my sense of humor from an early age. I can't think of seven words unspeakable enough to express how I feel about this right now.

Professional news stories here and here.

June 22, 2008

Marriages Performed Cheap

I am licensed to perform weddings in St. Louis County, so if you or anyone you know needs to get hitched, keep me in mind. I specialize in alternative ceremonies. Email [email protected] for rates.


How in the world I got started on this is anyone's guess...BUT...I started out looking for k'nish recipes, (mainly because I'm all about the pastries. If I'm not eating pastries, I'm thinking about them) and found my way around to checking out some rather amazing looking Japanese pastries.

Other than being horrendously yummy, what the two have in common remains to be seen, but I ask you:



I think so.

Minamoto Kitchoan on 49th St and 5th Ave in NYC serves up these lovely treats.

I've had Japanese pastries before, but nothing to this degree. As usual, they are accompanied by the attention to aesthetic form and detail that the Japanese are well known for.

100 Pushup Challenge


About a month ago I started doing pushups every morning with no real goal in mind. Then I found a website called 100 pushups. It is a workout program tailored to whatever level of fitness you are at. If you follow the program you should be able to do 100 consecutive pushups in 6 weeks. Since I have been doing them for a while I jumped in at the 3 week mark and 3 weeks from today I am going to do 100 pushups. Anyone care to join me in the challenge?

fun friday in the cities


June 21, 2008

Tonight at Beaner's

Tonight at Beaner's, starting at 8pm, Nic Garcia, High Volt Rustler, and Blue Escape.
$5.00 cover.

High Volt Rustler is one of Duluth's best kept secrets, featuring singer/songwriter Pauline Russel and company (includes Jill Holmen on backing vocals and "Cool" Brad Rozman on percussion).

June 20, 2008

Tron Guy + Airplane = Geek/Cool

I'm pretty sure this is geeky, and cool. I especailly like his "Tron Belly". And the "Tron Bulge".

Bell's Cask Night at Hell's Kitchen

Come and join us for a night of unique cask conditioned ales from Bell's Brewery.
Laura Bell and Jason Gillum will be on hand to educate and answer questions.
Prizes and giveaways!!
There will be two casks, Two Heated Ale and a "mystery" cask.

Wednesday June 25 7pm tell it's gone
Hell's Kitchen 310 Lake Ave. South Duluth

Cloud Cult on Carson Daly

Run Like the Cork!!


Have fun at the races this weekend!!

Live Music at the Kozy

Hello, Just posting the details of a happening at the Kozy Bar tonight. It's a classic / blues rock band called BCBC. We debuted our band at the Kozy Bar during Homegrown this year, and a good time was had by all. The group features my father in law, Randy King on the Drums, and Tommy from the Welding Shop on Guitar. When was the last time you sang along to a Rolling Stones song with a 1 dollar beer in your hand?

The night starts off at 9 o' clock with The Grasshoppers, a group comprised mostly of Ringsreds. They average in age about 20, and do a good cover of "Down by the River", amongst other things. BCBC takes over at 10 0 clock. The show is free.
p.s. I don't have a photo of the bands to post yet

June 19, 2008

Fresh Duluth Documentary

fresh duluth



money tree


Are there any street repairs currently being made?

P.S. Bridge(s) do not count

Cloud Cult on Carson Daly


Tonight (Thursday night / Friday morning) | 12:35am | NBC

June 18, 2008

Your Geek Culture Update - Geeky Goodness on Auction

geekkingSOP.jpgThis week three items up for auction for geek culture aficionados, all of which receive my Geek King Seal of Approval and any would have a happy home on my mantle. (Remember, Geek King and Queen wannabes, it's never too early to curry favor for next year's voting.)

d4205385r.jpgFirst up is this Second Century Roman Glass d20. Yep, who knew they were rolling d20s back in Ancient Rome? It's on auction at Christie's Auction House for a mere $17,925.

30755.jpgToo rich for your blood? How about this 1923 copy of the Lindisfarne Gospels signed by JRR Tokien himself? This book apparently helped inspire his invention of the elvish script Tengwar. It's on eBay for a "buy it now" price of $4,500. Thanks to Charlotte for sending me this find.

Last, but by no means least, you could own the hat, the cunning hat, of Jayne Cobb. No mere replica or knock off this, but the very hat worn by Adam Baldwin in Firefly. It's being auctioned for charity this fall. Don't remember it? Here's the clip that introduced the 'verse to the wonders of Jayne's hat. A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything.

As always, please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

June 17, 2008

The Disco Devils - Red Star - June 21st



del & phyllis
del & phyllis are allowed to leagally marry after being together since the 1950's!!
courtesy of miss wild thing's blog.

Stan Winston Dead at 62

Stan Winston, dead from cancer at age 62.
Stan was THE man when it came to making creepy movie creatures in many of my favorite movies.
You've probably seen his work in: The Thing, Terminator, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Predator, Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, A.I., Interview with a Vampire, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Constantine, Iron Man, & more.
He's been a legend in the creature/horror/effects worlds since the 70's, and he will be greatly missed.

State Department meets department store

The past few months I've been trying, really trying, to buy products made in the U.S. I've even gone to several stores in search of American-made products, when I could have just bought a foreign-made item at my first stop (which raises a host of issues about gasoline consumption, but we'll save that for another post).

Sadly, more than a few times I've been unable to locate a U.S.-made item, even after visiting two or three stores. So I find myself playing international diplomat, making judgment calls about which nation's product I'm going to buy.

A few weeks back I wanted to get a rawhide chew-bone for my dog, and it came down to a fight between China and Brazil. China presented more flavor and size options, but I opted for Western Hemisphere solidarity and bought the Brazil bone. (side note: The dog isn't a big fan of the Brazil bone)

Then came the battle royale - a garden hose sprayer nozzle showdown between China and Taiwan (fortunately, there were no missiles aimed across the aisle at Menards). I spent a lot of time with each side - reading the Taiwan nozzle label, testing the hand grip of the China nozzle, going back to the Taiwan nozzle again, etc. - before deciding I liked the Chinese-made version best (sorry, Taiwan - I'll try to go with you next time!)

As I left the store with my purchases and reflected on my choices, I wondered - is this how Condoleezza Rice feels after high-level negotiations?

More than enough time to prepare ...


I'm glad this is at night, you won't be able to see the facial expressions I make when I run.
I'll probably be the one running with this on my back.

Cherry Blossom

cb360t_2.jpgHeres the craigslisting for my lovely cherry blossom. I wont be as detailed as swan was and my bike isn't the choice ride that his was but this 1975 cb360t isn't anything to sneeze at either. Sniff sniff...sorry to see her go but gotta make room for a new one. If you want to step into vintage bikes and ride right away, here's the one for you. 13,299 miles. She has a couple of minor blemishes. Splitting in the seat vinyl, one mirror stem non-stock, horn not working..minor stuff. Recent break/carb work and constant love from the area's best metric mech. She's got solid systems, Just push a button, she starts, runs like butter and looks great. Super stylish first bike! Light weight makes her a great bike for anyone to enjoy. If you wanted to do a full resto, you're 95% there. I just ride her, that what she likes, Perfect for downtown, spins up the shore or running to the grocery store in style. Clean MN title. first pdd'er with $1000 (listed on cl for $1100) takes her home. Ride Ronin....RIDE!

Pastors for Peace caravan event in Duluth

David Moulton, a volunteer at Duluth's Loaves & Fishes Community, is
going to Cuba this summer as part of a nonviolent challenge to the US
embargo. He'll join dozens of volunteers with the NY-based Pastors for
Peace as they travel across North America, collecting needed supplies
for the Cuban people and then - in open defiance of US law -
delivering the aid directly to an NGO in Havana.

This will be the 19th such effort by Pastors for Peace
(www.ifconews.com), whose past stand-offs with the Treasury Department
over school buses and wheelchairs bound for Cuba have focused
international attention on the cruelty and absurdity of US policy.

Not everyone can commit a month to a project like this, or risk fines
and jail. But we're sure that most folks in the Northland agree that
the embargo has got to go. Here are a few ways you can help make this
a community effort:

1. Join us for a send-off party for David and other Pastors for Peace
Tuesday, June 17
6:30pm social/program
* Enjoy refreshments, meet the caravanistas, and hear from folks from
our area who have spent time in Cuba *
8pm hip hop for Cuba concert
* featuring Crew Jones. $3-10 suggested donation (all proceeds benefit
Pastors for Peace) *
Lafayette Community Center on Park Point (3206 Minnesota Ave)

2. Donate an unopened, unexpired bottle of multivitamins for seniors
(like Centrum). Vitamins and pharmaceuticals are in especially short
supply under the embargo. We want to send David with a boxful of
vitamins for Cuban elders as a special gift from the Northland. Drop
off either at the send-off or at Loaves & Fishes (1614 Jefferson
Street, Duluth) before June 17.

3. Sign on to the call (below) to lift the embargo. This will be sent
to MN and WI Senators and the White House when David reaches Havana.
Sign it in person at the send-off or let me know by email if you'd
like us to add your name.

Joel Kilgour
for the Cuba Solidarity Committee
Jay Newcomb, Adam Ritscher, Kathy Anderson, Donna Howard and David Moulton

June 17th, 2008
Duluth, Minnesota

It's time to be a better neighbor

For nearly 50 years our government has waged an economic war against
one of our nearest neighbors. Democrats and Republicans alike have
justified a strict trade embargo against Cuba and a ban on travel to
the island by US residents as tools for promoting democracy. Yet the
effects of this policy of isolation are anything but democratic: US
citizens are denied freedom to travel; Cubans are punished with
shortages of food, medicine and other necessities; cultural,
educational and scientific exchange is thwarted; and families
separated by only 90 miles of water are torn apart by unreasonable
restrictions on travel and communication.

Our people have much to share with one another. Open borders and the
free exchange of ideas advance democracy; Cold War-era posturing
obstructs it. Therefore, we call on our elected leaders to take
immediate steps to lift the embargo and travel ban and to normalize
diplomatic relations with Havana .

Further, we stand behind the volunteers of IFCO/Pastors for Peace as
they confront the cruelty of current US policy with unlicensed
cultural exchanges and humanitarian aid shipments to the island. Their
efforts to build bridges of understanding and to bring an end to
decades of hostilities are a model of neighborly behavior that
Washington would do well to follow.

June 16, 2008

Dear lead-footed friends,


I have taken an interest in how I can get better gas mileage from my vehicle. Here are the Federal Trade Commission's tips. They're about the same as what I've read elsewhere. I would point out a couple specifics, such as "stop aggressive driving" and "stay within posted speed limits."
I have taken some of this advice to heart, and have found that doing so has really punctuated the aggressive driving that surrounds me. If I drive a bit slower and coast up to red lights, people are gunning around me. Now think about that, dear drivers. Why accelerate up to a red light? You know you'll have to stop. You're going to burn up all your gas. Can you really afford to buy more?
And to the person who honked at me today: I did not "cut you off." You were tearing down a winding road with a posted limit of 30 mph. You were around the corner, and the road was clear when I pulled out. Suddenly, there you were, honking at me, going, like 60. You need to slow down, my friend. Slow down.

Cheesy Tourist Fun

This weekend I had family in town. There are certain touristy things that I only do when I have out-of-town company. Some of them bore me, and some of them are kind of fun. One of my favorites is rushing down to Canal Park to watch a big boat come in all close up and personal. It's free and I always get a kick out of how excited my guests are about watching a boat go under the lift bridge.

So, what are your favorite cheesy, touristy things to do in Duluth? Things you only do when you have visitors, but you still enjoy them?

June 15, 2008

Cover Girl


Former Duluthian Haley Bonar is on the cover of the June 11 issue of City Pages. Read the story here.

Nice view if you can get it


Yesterday was the day of the annual Geek Flight, in which the King and Queen of Geek Prom take an airplane ride courtesy of the fine folks at Cirrus Design.


Top Gun rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your team.

Split Rock Lighthouse

The Mighty Aerial Lift Bridge


Superstar pilot Chad with King Lawrence and Queen Trish.

June 14, 2008

From the Newspaper Ad Archive | 1899


I came across this 109-year-old ad yesterday, and it complements the post about growler delivery pretty well, so here it is.

As someone who occasionally writes advertising copy for a living, I love the simplicity of this slogan. No one sat at a desk and agonized for hours to come up with "Fitger's Beer is entitled to a place on every dinner table in the city." And yet, that really says it all.

By the way, I'm sure someone at the newspaper wrote all or most of the ads, because right below the Fitger's ad is one that reads: "Duluth Imperial Flour should be in every home."

June 13, 2008

Growlers to Go

In case you haven't heard, Fitger's Brewhouse now delivers beer. That's right -- delivers beer to your door.

Personally, I have no need for this, since I live within easy walking distance of the Brewhouse, but I can see where it might be nice if you lived farther away.

The upside:
- You can order online
- They take away your empties
- For now, delivery only costs $1 extra

The downside:
- You have to order 24 hours in advance
- They only deliver Wed-Sat, 3-9pm
- It doesn't say so on the website, but I imagine that you'd have to be home to receive the beer (they can't just leave it on your porch, can they?)

So what do you think? Obviously, it would be better for it to be structured more like a pizza delivery, with only a 30-minute notice, but otherwise is this a good idea?

Snapshot request - Our Lady of Mercy rectory

Should any of you fine PDDers be out on Park Point this weekend, could ya snap and post a picture of Lady of Mercy rectory? My husband just signed a lease for it and I haven't seen the property - nor will I until July. It's the house with the large Virgin Mary in front on the 20th block lakeside.

If it is easier to email it to me kindly do so at lucie1970 (at) yahoo.com.

Thanks so much.

June 12, 2008

Photoshow tomorrow night

fun with chalk

rory chalk.jpg

Olde World Renaissance Faire




Olde World Renaissance Faire
June 14th & 15th
10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Twig, MN (15 minutes North-West of Duluth)

Created using the Historic Tale Construction Kit

Artist Camping Safari, Introduction To Plein Air Painting

Paint The Great Outdoors!

Artist Camping Safari At Snowflake Nordic Center
(An Introduction To Plein Air Painting)
Progression Of 4 Three-Hour Workshops
Thursday Through Sunday Mornings
Select From Four Dates:

  • June 26-29, 2008
  • July 10-13, 2008
  • July 17-20, 2008
  • July 24-27, 2008

Cost: $180 for all four workshops in each set of dates. Students furnish their own materials and supplies. Click here to view list. Includes 4 night campsite stay; Wednesday - Saturday Location: Snowflake Nordic Center, 4318 Rice Lake Road, Duluth, Mn 55811

Enjoy Camping And Painting En Plein Air
Combine Your Camping Trip To Duluth, Minnesota and the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior with our art workshops. This is a beginner's course in Oil painting like no other. It combines an introduction to painting outdoors (en plein air) and comfortable camping. We offer a series of four, 3-hour classes conducted outdoors at Snowflake Nordic Skiing and Camping Center in Duluth (we move into the Chalet in case of inclement weather). Classes begin at 9:00am each morning and finish up around noon. Spend the rest of your day hiking the scenic x-country trails at Snowflake or there's plenty of time to enjoy Duluth, Canal Park or even take a day trip up the North Shore and view the many spectacular waterfalls, lighthouses and panoramic views of Lake Superior.

About The Workshops:
If you've never painted or if you've tried and failed with some of those vague "how to" books, these workshops are for you. In each workshop we will complete a 9x12 landscape painting that you can take home and hang on your wall. We will get acquainted with composition, color harmony, brushwork and perspective (linear and atmospheric). In the process, we'll also get you organized so you can paint a simple landscape "en plein air (outdoors)" in a single session (Alla Prima) with confidence and without fear. Classes are designed to start simple and get more advanced as we progress. Instruction is "hands on" with just the right amount of "serious" and "fun"...and punctuated with Champagne breaks (Korbel Brut). Registration fees include campsite accomodations (you supply the tent) from Wednesday night through Saturday night.

About Snowflake Nordic Ski Center:
Snowflake offers summer camping sites throughout its 180 acres of scenic x-country trails complete with firepits and picnic tables at each site, all within close proximity to the Chalet. Facilities at the Chalet include private bathrooms with hot showers, laundry facilities, snacks, concessions and a variety of other services. Located on the outskirts of Duluth in a forest setting, Snowflake offers quick access to Duluth, Canal Park and the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior. Click here to view their website.

Workshop Information:

Wednesday Evenings, Artist Reception At The Chalet
1. Pick up class information and campsite assignment
2. Set up your tent and enjoy the evening.

Session I Thursdays
1. Basic discussion of oil painting in general, composition, drawing, brushwork, color harmony, perspective, materials and supplies.
2. Complete a simple 9x12 painting “Alla Prima”

Session II Fridays
Don't be surprised if you wake up with visions of your next painting on your mind. Today it's time to apply new skills to your painting arsenal.
1. Review of prior discussion and more detailed discussions about the painting process
2. Complete a more complex 9x12 painting “Alla Prima”

Session III Saturdays
1. More advanced discussion of techniques. Emphasis on brushwork and form
2. Complete a 9x12 painting “Alla Prima”

Your fear of canvas and brush have left you and have been exchanged for curiousity and the desire to learn more.

Session IV Sundays
1. More about advanced techniques for composition and color harmony2. “Paint what you see” Compose and paint a 9x12 painting outdoors (mostly on your own but the instructor is available to help.)

Antiques and Collectibles (For a Good Cause - Me!)


Girl From The North Country is hoping to stave off the proverbial Wolf from her financial door, as well as prepare for a difficult legal challenge against some Serious Baddies, and therefore hosting an Antiques and Collectibles garage sale at 10th and Lake Avenue during the Park Point Garage Sale, Friday and Saturday.

I am selling a lifetime's worth of cool stuff: vintage jewelry, purses, hats, hat boxes, dolls, antique glassware, vintage clothes, salt and pepper shakers, etc etc., How about a paisley Nehru Sargeant Pepper's coat? Or a 1950's salmon pink bed jacket? Super old beaded and furred moccasins? A 1970's Kermit doll? 1960's Dark Shadows album? Partridge Family, Mork and Mindy, Combat and Man From UNCLE books?

All this and more, right over the bridge, gigantic grey house on the right between 10th ad 11th!

THANKS and sorry for the blatant solicitation, but I think PDD people would enjoy a lot of the wacky stuff.

Get a free Duluth history lesson

I saw this pop up and thought I'd repost here:

St. Scholastica will be offering a series of free classes titled "People and Places in Duluth's History." Some of the courses look pretty interesting, and as long as the guy who did voice work for Garfield isn't #1 in "Duluth's Top Ten Historical People" session, I'm for sure going.

More info here: http://www.businessnorth.com/pr.asp?RID=2782

Your Geek Culture Update

geekkingSOP.jpgThe latest recipient of my Geek King Seal of Approval was sent to me by none other than my predecessor in geeky royalty, the venerable enealio himself. (All bow at the name.) As I have a Roomba in my family myself (his name is Steve) it pleases my royal heart to see the geekiness of dirt sucking robots meeting the world of ghost chomping video games.

Also, don't forget the Olde Worlde Renessaince-e Faire-e-e in Twig this weekend!

As always, please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

June 11, 2008

Bring your Dad

Last month, as I was watching Daughters of the Sun perform in Chester Park, a lady pulled up in a black camaro and asked, "Who are these guys?" Apparently, she'd been in her backyard BBq-ing, when she could no longer resist the siren song of DOTS and followed the sound of rock n' roll to the hillside park. If you drive a black camaro, or maybe wish to someday, you may enjoy this FREE show in Superior:


Life at The Pod, 2008

Two ticks.
Several billion non-biting gnats.
Three hummingbirds looking for a handout.
One tired dog.
One sunburned human.



June 10, 2008

Free and Kid Friendly

I am currently brainstorming ideas with a friend of mine for free kid friendly activities in Duluth over the summer. The median ages for the kids is two years old. So, what say you???

Minnesota Independent


The Minnesota Monitor--now The Minnesota Independent--and MinnPost have stepped up their game recently.

June 09, 2008

Colight Light Table


I'll be moving my office and sadly won't have room for my beloved old school Colight Light Table, a relic from the days graphic designers used Xacto knives much more often than keyboards and mice. Great work surface whether you use the light or not.

36" x 50" top, stands 36" high. Excellent working condition. Alas, original glass is long gone, but plexi replacement works great.

$35, but buyer must pick up.

contact me at info [ @] x-communication [dot] org

Art vs. Life

On a Scale of 1 to 10, Amy Winehouse -- a 9.5 or full on 10! I have to go for the middle here and say a solid 9.75. Also, I hearby state my everlasting love and commitment to her, once the restraining order is lifted.

June 08, 2008

James and Younger

James & Younger


Take the Wood Tick Challenge


Head out of Duluth on Highway 23 and park at Veteran's Memorial Overlook (just past Mont du Lac). Walk back toward Duluth a few hundred feet and head into the woods at the spot in this photo. Walk for five minutes, then count the ticks you have on you.

I've only hiked here twice. The first time was in 1997, and is referenced in a post on The Product. Barrett claimed I had "something like 23 ticks after we returned from an afternoon hike." The number I remember is 17 (which includes the two I didn't find until I got home and removed my underwear).

Today, in less than five minutes, I gathered up 12 ticks before turning around and going home.

I guess I had that coming after I put a curse on Madeline Island on Thursday.

2008 Health Code Violations


It's that time of year again. One year later, the Duluth New Tribune has reported on all the health violations of area restaurants, complete with a fun, interactive map of all the restaurants and their violations.

Find your favorite place and prepare to be grossed out. Or pleasantly surprised.

Good Sunday Morning Music ;)

June 06, 2008

Record setting bar tab.

So, did I set the one person bar tab record here on Sunday or what?

Sjixxxy's last creditcard Statement

I know the price of hops have gone up lately, but damn, should have been a notice posted or something. Must have gotten the one Breakwater White brewed from the tears of Dennis Anderson or something.

ps. The management is aware of this glitch and it is being righted. I just can't stop giggling everytime I think about the magnitude of the overcharge.

Baby Steps

Clyde Park

Clyde Park Duluth

I'm sure you may have heard about the new mini-me version of Fitgers, but, I noticed some new temporary signage plastered on the side of good old Clyde this morning and thought I'd post a link.

West Duluth with it's own brewery . . . and everything

Live, Collective Soul, Blues Traveler to play Bayfront


The bands Live, Collective Soul and Blues Traveler will perform at Bayfront Festival Park on July 22, Secret Service Concerts & Entertainment announced Tuesday.

Tickets for the 7 p.m. concert go on sale Saturday. Ticket prices are $35 and $45, plus fees. Children 10 and younger get in free with a paying adult.

Tickets will be available at the Bayfront Festival Park box office, online at www.secretserviceconcerts.com or by phone at (218) 336-1375.

Anthony Bukoski Reading and Reception

Not to be confused with Bukowski who still manages to get on the best-seller lists for poetry nearly 15yrs after his death, Anthony Bukoski is alive, a master of the short story, a native of Superior, an inspiring writer and professor, and celebrating the release of his new collection of short stories, North of the Port.
A nice kick-off to a fine literary summer ahead.
June 12th, 7pm at the Barker's Island Inn in Superior. Free and open to the public. Dessert, coffee and cash bar. More info.

Thank you

To the mysterious stranger who found my paycheck on the lakewalk, and then walked it to my place of employment and gave it to my coworker who left it on my desk: thank you. I would have spent the rest of my summer trying to catch up if I'd lost that check. I probably would have had to sell a kidney, or become a lady of the evening, or something.

I hope that you read the Perfect Duluth Day blog.

June 05, 2008

Dink Tank

Dink Tank PDF.jpg

Sketch comedy at Renegade this weekend and next.

Your Geek Culture Update: D&D 4.0

Today, for your Geek Culture Update, I'm presenting something that has not yet received the Geek King Seal of Approval but it's too important to ignore. Tomorrow Dungeons & Dragons 4.0 launches. I'm ambivalent. I want it to be a great edition. I want it to be the D&D of my dreams, but I have grave doubts.

I've been playing D&D since 1978 and I have gone through every iteration of the system. I love the scope it provided for my imagination and the opportunity it gave me to create and tell stories with my friends. The best things that happened with D&D, or any RPG for that matter, had nothing to do with the system itself, but with the stories we got to tell together. While I enjoy gaming in virtual worlds like World of Warcraft, nothing compares to actual role playing. (And, believe me, there is precious little role playing that goes on in World of Warcraft even on so called "role playing" servers.)

Yeah, I'm going to be one of those suckers plopping down bucks for a new edition. But it's going to be the same old gaming buddies that I game with. And the stories will continue just like before.

So, let me know then if you think 4.0 deserves the Geek King Seal of Approval or not. As always, please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

June 04, 2008

D/S Pride FUNdraiser

pokerRunCarolyn web.jpg



Earl Root Jr.

A photo not of today...

...but I sure wish it was.

See You On the Island


And shut the fuck up the butt.

June 03, 2008

I want to believe

Like some of you (especially transplants from a warm environment), I went through the "why the fing is there still snow" depression a couple months ago. One of the things that got me through was watching the first few seasons of The X-Files. Then The X-Files movie brought me through a bad scenario: "Trust No One."

Apparently because of my my self absorption and trust of no one, I completely was unaware that a new X-Files movie was not only filmed, but will be in theaters this summer.

New music from Zak Sally.


Zak Sally formerly of Low has a new song circulating around the webs. Read more and listen right here.

June 02, 2008

Orienteering (another shameless plug)

Once again I'm offering an orienteering class to anyone who wants to partake in the excitement of exploring the area without getting lost. Two 2-hour sessions for only $13. The first one's inside, the second one is all outdoors. Fun guaranteed or I'll return all the net profits. Go here to sign up.

Quite possibly...

the coolest Wiki that ever was wiki'd!

Sorry for the lack of logo...they were all too small.

Al is Dave? Dave is Al? Al Davis?

Why is this man the reference photo on Al Sparhawk's Wikipedia page?

HCIS Theater Invites You!

This Wednsday (Jun 4th) from 4p - 6p Harbor City International School (332 w. michigan street - Duluth Plumbing Supply Building, 2nd Floor) offically opens it's new theater to the public. All PDD'ers are invited! Come hear and see this new venue and hatch your crazy ideas. We'll be having students doing a photo show, Taiko drumming and experinmental music to wet your imagination.

Bo Diddley - December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008


Patrick, I don't think we're in Duluth anymore

I found this image on Flickr when I typed in Park Point Duluth.
The title of the entry is Patrick on his way to the Lake Superior Pier at Park Point in Duluth, Minnesota.
Am I crazy ...? Where is this wonderful place?
You can see from this image that he was close to Lake Superior at one point.


Pregnancy Info Night!

northlandbirthnetwork presents...

pregnancy information night

Thursday, June 12th 6-9pm
Peace Church, 1111 N. 11th Ave East

Free event -- open to the public

Focusing on the child-bearing year, Pregnancy Information Night will feature 30 exhibitors/vendors, panel discussions, demonstrations, movies, and time to meet people, share resources, stories and wisdom.

go to http://www.womencirclingwomen.com/pregnancy_info_night for more details!


Alright, I am going for my first real bike ride in Duluth and want an opinion on the best ride in the area. It is a toss up between the Munger Trail or The Senic Route up to Two Harbors. Are there any other suggetions that would make for a good ride? These days are a rarity for me so I like to make them count. What do you all think. And no, I will not be riding the bike in the picture, even though I would like to try!!

Gore Vidal


I've noticed and admired the two PDD banners featuring Gore Vidal's novel, Duluth. I've never read it, or any of Vidal's novels for that matter. However, tonight I read Mark Desrosiers' post (don't skip the video) about a recent Gore Vidal article, and got to thinking more about him.

My questions are: What are your thoughts on Gore Vidal, this still-living contemporary of "Christopher Isherwood, EM Forster, Albert Camus, Sartre, Anaïs Nin and William Faulkner"? What do you think about his novel, which shares its name with our city and also which he considers one of his best works?

As I said, I've never read anything of his before, but I'm reading this interview and finding him to be hilarious. I'd really like to know more.

June 01, 2008

June 1...Urban Blight Day around UMD


An interesting new twist on how-effciently-can-duluth-destroy-it's-own-neighborhoods is that the "nice kids", supported by their helicopter moms,
have started moving in and living here in the summers. The ONLY three months we could have any respite from the bud-lite-fired-chest-thumping-cope-chewing-piss-outside maddness are now gone...why? BECAUSE DULUTH IS COOL!! only it's an illuson of cool because it's really NOT..because now it's ONE BIG FRICKIN DORM without RAs..actually, thats sounds cool....City's response? Oh, I know...let's repeal the only law which addressed this RAPE OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS..yeah!...I call out all councilors and mayors who claimed to support neighborhoods during the last election TO ACTUALLY DO SO!!! I tottaly support Reinhardt's efforts...it all sounds great, I'd love to live there..it's called a REAL COLLEGE TOWN...except the process creating the mythical new zoning regulations cant be funded and wont be completed by the time the moritorium on new rentals expires (due to a state law limiting the time which moritoriums can be in place)...go figure...the 300' rule brought all the parties to the table..the local relators and rental companies are active parts of the solution ....NOW... (btw, when's their next meeting?)...because long term residents and families and enlightened councilors held them accountable....WHERE'S UMD IN ALL OF THIS????...the regents and umd administration have missed an opportunity to be a part of the solution, where's your innovative urban planning grad students from the humphry inst...they have one of them urban planning programs there dont they? where's The U of M's support (financially) to the creation of informed and evolved zoning around their campus in Duluth...instead, their continued silence makes them of one of the parties to THE RAPE OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. Oh and yeah, all of you who are gonna call me lame and an old fart (or worse), just know II'd LOVE to live in a REAL COLLEGE TOWN...not 13th grade.

Have a great summer everyone.