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Your Geek Culture Update

legoupPA0605_468x669.jpggeekkingSOP.jpgThis week on your geek culture update I present a 100' tower of legos! Why? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this amazing toy of course! It was built this past weekend at Legoland Windsor which beats the one built in Toronto last summer which beat the one made in the California Legoland earlier last summer. Clearly it's on in the competitive world of erecting tall things out of legos! All of which are Geek King Approved.

Please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.


Don't get me wrong, I find these Geek Update articles enjoyable and interesting, but the frequency of your posts along with the assertiveness in which you proclaim your reign as King remind me of DDD. And we don't want to get him riled up again. Maybe you could leave the crown on the mantle and just post your articles under a "Geek King" category or something? Just my two cents. Again, I do enjoy your posts!

As part of my candidacy for king I promised to post something geeky to PDD on a weekly basis. I don't have to use the GKSoA but I thought it would be fun and silly and provide a through-line for the 52 weeks. If that is riling people I'll be happy to drop it but to keep my promise to the geek masses, I'll continue my geeky posts, which, if you look at my history on PDD, doesn't really differ from what I have been doing for the last 4 years.

I look forward to these weekly doses of King-approved geekiness. :-)

It's nice to see someone take a title like King and do something good with it. Kudos!

I, too, appreciate being kept up-to-date about geek news. And just like Queen Amidala, this royal figure was elected, so there you go.
Long live the king!

Hey, you're the King. Who cares what the serfs say?

taqmara = my alter ego. she is way cooler than me.

Wow, that's the first time I have ever been compared to Queen Amidala and it probably will be the last.

I will savor this moment.

Mmmmmm.... momenty goodness...

I enjoy your posts and look forward to them. Keep on, keepin' on, I say. It's good to be the King.

Danny Does Duluth posted on a weekly basis to promote only himself.
Ironic1 posts on a weekly basis to promote all of geek-kind.

Keep truckin' Geek King!

On another note, and one related to the post, I once had a vet that gave you the option of paying for services with either legos or casg when he took care of your pet. The lego displays in his office were amazing. It was much more fun to pay him in Legos as you felt a part of his creation.

Paying in legos rocks, Ruthie! I'd go to that vet in a heartbeat.

People say that when you look back on childhood Christmases what you remember is the love. Yeah, love schmove. What I remember is getting a 1 foot cube box of legos when I was about 10 and that was probably the coolest present ever.

God Save the King!

Hell, our old king was more pro-active as past royalty, and ironic is even more so, gracing us with his geekish wisdom regularly...

If it were me (and I usually go all out with such endeavors)...I'd even go as far as to say that there should be a "State of the Geek" given on a semi monthly basis.

frankly, as a CNG (Certified Non Geek) I think it's a hoot.

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