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Urban Chicken?


There is a planning commission meeting scheduled for 11 am today at City Council Chambers, third floor city hall to look at the ordinance to allow the raising of chickens in Duluth.

I think this is great news and would be a fun project to do with my kids,

How do you feel about folks raising hens for eggs in their backyards?


Bird is Lucie, btw. I forgot to/ don't know how to reset my posting setting.

I'm all for it, I hope to have a henhouse by next summer. I think the council will be amenable to a small number of hens on decent sized lots in city limits. They will likely have some sort of limit as to how many chickens you can have depending on how far they will be from neighbors. They likely won't allow roosters, but ya don't need the roosters to get eggs anyway. There's still quite a bit of misinformation out there about city chickens and if you're passionate about getting this through, you should let the council know.

I think it's a cool idea--hope it comes to pass.

I think it's a great idea. The big issue for some people seems to be about noise or smell issues. For those concerns there are already nuisance ordinances on the books to deal with those complaints.

It's all nice until the rats move in.

What I want to know is, when is Templeton Rat coming?

Minneapolis actually allows chickens in the city limits--it's funny that Duluth doesn't.

It is not that Duluth doesn't allow keeping chickens. Duluth ordinances are mute on the subject. People are asking for a specific ordinance to be passed that states exactly how many you can have and under what circumstances. You can have chickens right now, but if your neighbors complain, other laws on the books would be used to "resolve" any dispute. I think it would be great to have chickens AND to have guidance on what is the neighborly way to do it.

Tim, Thanks for the clarification on that. Are you involved with the ordinance?

I'm not involved, but I have friends in rural Duluth with chickens and have been toying with the idea of putting a chicken run around the garden.

well then, i'm pushing for my mink farm asap. i'm tired of making garments out of human skin. it's not very warm around these parts.

I have had three laying hens in my back yard for 5 years now. I hope this goes through so I can share my secret with the world!

actually, if you are planning to attend the meeting, it is at 5 PM in the Council Chambers.

My time info is from Council Member Greg Gilbert - but it could be wrong.

I love all these sharing secrets with the world! c-freak, I always thought that jacket was python! You are a genius with a sewing machine.

oh, chris m, you know how crafty i can be!

c-freak, you were my first out-loud laugh of the day...brilliant!

This DNT says that Duluth chickens will be a little while in coming...


chickens are violent

no shit! just ask cookie mueller.

Chris M, did you have a bad chicken experience you'd like to share with the group? We're all friends here - you know, it a cyber sorta way.

Too many fox around here.

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