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TONIGHT: Chicken in the Hat Plays

Hello Rubber Chicken Supporters!

Our next project is coming up next weekend up in Proctor. It's The Chicken Hat Plays! If you remember the Out of the Hat Plays we did at Renegade, this is the same concept, just a different name.

8 writers, 8 directors, and a bunch of actors get together and create 8 original one act plays in 24 hours. That's right. From Thursday to Friday night, we write, rehearse and perform 8 completely original plays. Then we get the Friday night audience involved and we do the entire process over again with 8 BRAND NEW plays for Saturday.

I hope you will consider coming up and checking it out. It is a lot of fun and always amazing to see all the different shows these talented artists create from scratch!


It was a great weekend. You could smell the creativity...and the actors.

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