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This man just heard me sing

Barrett Chase, Don Ness (Mr Mayor), Paul  Lundgren

I'm lucky I'm still allowed to live in Duluth.


This may be the best picture ever.

Next year's HG guide cover

Love it!

Geeky, pasty, slightly paunchy white guys. Yep.

I'm lucky I'm still allowed to live in Duluth.

That paperwork is being processed as we speak.

Apparently I spoke to the one they call Edgeways at Carmody's tonight. After finding out he was a member of the choir I brought up this picture. He mentioned he had taken it and that it would be perfect for the DNT. I suggested that it may also end up in the campaign lit for Donny's opponent four years from now. And Obama thinks Jeremiah Wright is an albatross.

Heya Chris, good to talk to you

You too. Got to make sure I don't miss the next Cacaphonic performance.

You call that singing?

m o n e y

These two guys should start a podcast. I have no idea if they have anything interesting to say, but the picture alone (I'd imagine one would have to remove Donnie from the middle) would get maybe 10,000 subscribers.

Or hey, keep Donnie in there, he could use the publicity ... till the arrest warrants hit the press. So, maybe snip His Honor out of there before he's implicated as an Unindicted Co-Conspirator. His eyes do look a bit bleary -- hope he didn't drive home.

Other than that, from the picture, this is a podcast I wanna hear!


Come to think of it, you guys wanna Guest on my show sometime? I invited Donnie once, during the campaign, but his people didn't like my people. (I need to get better People.)

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